My stupid and crazy love story

My stupid and crazy love story

Okay so I fall in love with this guy well stuff happens no spoilers

Chapter 1

THe beginnning

I met him at a skating rink. Not very unique I know. He was skating and he ran into me. I'm not very coordinated without wheels so you can guess how clumsy I was. As I fell to the mean wood I grabed onto his arm to steady myself but we both went down. He was on top of me, his mouth not even a inch from mine, his eyes were the clearest blue I've ever seen.

"Are you okay....?" he asked, pushing himself up off the ground and then helping me up.

"Still clumsy and wobbly but I think I'll live. I'm Elana by the way." I say, wobbling and trying not to fall. Pretty hard for me.

"That's a beautiful name. I'm Darren. So if you can't skate without falling why do you come?" Darren asks leading me to a table. He lays his face in his hands and his light brown hair splays across his tan and chisled face.

"Well, since you ask, I'm here because my friend was supossed to hve her party here. But ten minutes after I got here and my older brother dropped me off, she texted saying she had to go to the hospital 'cause she broke her wrist. Since brother won't be back for another-" I stop to check my watch. "Fifty minutes I thought i'd at least get my moneys worth."

"Wow, that must suck." Darren chuckles and I notice he has a small dimple on his cheek. "But, Elana, since we're both here and on skates. May have the honor of this skate?" He asks getting up and taking my hand. I smile and follow him out onto the rink. Right at that moment the music changes and it becomes a couple skate. I raise my eyebrow but he just tugs me closer.

After ten minutes of non-stop skating (well except for my constant falling) Darren takes me off the rink and to the consession stand. He makes me close my eyes and when I open them I see he bought me two things. First is a awesome panda hat that matches my outfit. Next, he gets down on one knee and pulls out a cheap moustache mood ring.

"Elana Fray, will you do me the honor of going out on a date with me?" He asked putting the ring on my finger. It imediately turned violet which meant love. I nod my head smiling and Darren gets up and picks me up in his arms. He spins me around and kisses my quickly on the lips. "Okay so meet me here tomorrow at seven."

Just then my brother gently grabs my shoulder. Darren looks ready to kick his azz but a look from me has him backing off."Elana are you ready to go? It's ten and you have school tomorrow. C'mon we need to get a move on." Jake says gently pulling me away. I wave goodbye to Darren and hug my hat.

I know I'll see him tomorrow but it feels to far away.


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