A Secret Abernathy, The 70th Annual Hunger Games.

Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!
Its time for the 70th Annual Hunger Games! You know what that means! Reaping Time! Its District 12. Haymitch has a secret daughter, Taylee Kingston- the Capitol doesnt appreciate secrets. Will 15 year old Taylee survive the Games and everything the Capitol throws at the child who can't pick her family?

Chapter 3


"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WE HAVE A BUSY DAY TODAY!" Effie was standing over me shouting.
"Okay, Okay." I pushed the warm blankets off me and sat up.
"Good morning! We arrive at the Capitol today! Oh, I really can not wait for you and Marenick to see all the Capitol has to offer you!" She said. I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom. I took another shower and choose out a nice dress, I never got to wear things like this at home, except on Reaping day, the dress was a purple colour and went down to below my knees, puffing out a little at my waist. I let my hair hang down.
I walked out into the main carriage of the train. Haymitch and Effie were there, they seemed to be arguing.
"Good morning." I said.
"Nice of you to dress up, darling." Haymitch laughed a little.
"We are arriving at the Capitol." I said.
"And?" He laughed.
"I want to make an impression." I said.
"Ok, Ok! Breakfast is ready." Effie said trying to distract Haymitch and I from arguing again.
"Thank you." I said. I put some food on my plate. I began to ate, Marenick came out and begun to eat too.
"We're here!" Effie grinned!
I got up and walked towards the window, we pulled in to a train station. People were everywhere, it was noting like I had ever seen, everything was so different compared to District 12. Effie and Haymitch stepped out onto the platfom and everyone went crazy. Next Marenick stepped out, the crowd clapped and cheered slighly but nothing compared to Effie and Haymitch, Marenick knew he wasn't going to get the warmest welcome. I stood out followed by a bunch of peacekeepers, the crowd went wild, screaming and clapping, and making all types of noises, I looked around at the people, they were like... creatures, monsters if you will, in their brightly coloured fabric. I smiled and yelled Hello and started to wave at them. People were holding out their hands wanting to just touch a victors child, to touch a tribute.
I was pushed forward from the Peacekeepers, I was lead to a car waiting to take us to our quarters. We arrived and we went straight up to the 12th floor, more or less the pent house. I went straight into one of the rooms, a girl was standing in the room, I was a little confused.
"Hello?" I whisper shyly to the girl, she didnt reply, instead she put her head down. "Why are you ignoring me?" I ask her, she still didnt reply. "Cant you talk?" I ask her, this time she looks up at me and shakes her head. "Ohh," it clicked to me, she was an avox. "I'm sorry." I whisper , she nods her head and smiles, theres a piece of paper and a pen on the drawers and I get an idea, I grab it and bring it to the girl, I lead her over to the bed, she seems like she doesnt really want to follow me, but does.
"What is your name?" I ask. 'Coralie' She writes down in a neat print. "How old are you?" '19'. "Where are you from?" 'district 5.'
"Is it nice there?" I ask. She nods her head. "Do you miss is?" She nods again. Theres a knock on the door and Coralie shoves the papers in her pockets and flies towards the door. She flings it open and Effie stands there.
"What are you doing?" She asks me suspiciously.
"Im checking out the bed..." I laugh a little.
"I hope you arent talking to her." She death stares Coralie.
"Why?" I ask a little scared.
"Shes a traitor, you can't talk to any of them Taylee. You can only order them, now come on, it's time to meet your prep team." Effie says harshly. I get up off the bed and follow Effie out, before I leave the room I smile at Coralie and whisper I'll be back later, she smiles sadly at me.
Standing in front of me are three people, if they are even that, one girl has whiskers and spotted skin, shes wearing tight white shorts and a crop top.
"Im Kat!" She tells me excitedly. Next to her is another girl, her skin is tinted magneta, her eyes are black, her cheek bones have been surgically enhanced so thy stick out, her hair is white and long. I try my hardest not to stare.
"I'm Lisette." She tells me briefly, no emotion portrayed on her face. Next to her is a man, he looks the most normal out of them all, his skin naturally dark, his hair a blue/black colour, his clothes is the most abnormal thing about him.
"I'm Eran." He tells me.
"Hello, I'm Taylee." I introduce myself to Kat, Lisette and Eran.
"Oh Taylee, what a beautiful name!" Kat giggles.
"Lets start." Lisette says, they have to get me ready for the tribute parade.
They lead me to a room and start grooming me, cutting the hair on my head, and ripping the rest off, Im put in all different types of baths with different oils and scents. To me, this isnt weird. It's actually quiet nice, to get rid of all the dirt accumilated by the years of living in District 12.
After a while, they are done with ripping every hair and getting rid of every mess on my body. I smiled at them.
"Thank you so much!" I hug them. "You have made me so happy, I look beautiful!" I knew if I could suck up to them they will help me in the arena. Talk to their friends, help me get sponsors.
"Ohhh, you hear that guys!" Kat say's enthusiastically.
Its our job Kat." Lisette tells Kat impatiently.
"You're welcome Taylee." Eran smiles at me.
"It's time to do your hair and make up!" Kat tell's me happily.
"Okay!" I say just as happily, I'm doing this just to humour them, the Capitol people.
Kat begins to do my hair whilst Lisette starts to work on my make up, Eran was doing something on my arm that I couldnt see. It took them about an hour all together, they got me to stand in the mirror. Down my arm was a pattern like fire painted in an orange/red colour. My eyes were done in a smoky eye and soft red lips, my hair was curled in neat spirals down my back.
"Wow." I breath. This wasnt humoring them, I really did look good.
"We have to leave now, your Stylist will be here soon!" Kat smiled. Lisette and Eran leave but Kat gives me a careful hug, her whiskers tickling my face lightly before leaving. I dress in a robe before my stylists come in.
"Hello." A voice startles me, I turn around to see a man, if I can even call him that, he looked only a year or two older than I.
"Hi." I said.
"I'm Byron, you're Taylee, correct?" He asks.
"Yes, you're here to help me make an impression?" I smile.
"Yeah, I see Kat, Lisette and Eran did well." He nods.
"Yeah." I grin.
"Would you like to see your costume?" He asks me.
"Sure?" I wait in anticipation, for the first time, I realize he's holding a clothing bag in his hand. He tells me to close my eyes, I do so and I hear an unzipping of the bag, he then tells me to open my eyes. I do so, when I see the dress I'm speechless, its beautiful! Its a dress, as black as coal, it's flowing and beautiful- its strapless and inches into my waist.
"Wow!" I was speechless. "You designed this?" I asked him.
"Yeah. I seen you and thought a black dress would suit you beautifully." He smiled.
"Its amazing Byron!" I smiled.
"Well it better be, it took me hours to come up with, but on the plus side, I already have your dress for your interviews!" He smiled.
"May I see it?" I ask him.
"Nope. Not until the night of the interviews." He laughs, I sigh and jokingly stare him down.
"Come on get in the dress." He tells me. He helps me pull on the dress and does the zipper up.
"You look great Taylee!" He tells me.

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