A Secret Abernathy, The 70th Annual Hunger Games.

Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!
Its time for the 70th Annual Hunger Games! You know what that means! Reaping Time! Its District 12. Haymitch has a secret daughter, Taylee Kingston- the Capitol doesnt appreciate secrets. Will 15 year old Taylee survive the Games and everything the Capitol throws at the child who can't pick her family?

Chapter 2


"Dinners about to be served." Effie said outside my door, I groaned, that means going to see Haymitch.
"Okay." I mumbled. I sat still. Dad, Father, Parent. Those words didnt seem to be right. I knew for as long as I knew him, I would call him Haymitch. I slowly got up of the soft bed and walked out into the train corridor. I found my way back to the dining cart easily. I entered silently, Marenick and Haymitch were talking intently. "What I dont get any advice?" I spat harshly.
"Hello to you too." Haymitch rolled his eyes. " Now if you'd care to we are talking tactis and survival, take a seat." He waved his hand towards an empty chair, I reluctantly sat in it and listened to Haymitch.
"Don't light a fire, the smoke- itll attract the careers." He said, Marenic and I both nodded.
"Allies?" I asked, Haymitch shrugged.
"That... girl, that depends on if you want. I, myself, wouldn't like allies." He shrugged.
"Didn't you have an ally?" Marenick asked.
"Yes, then she died, sometimes it's better to not have allies as they could hold you back, could stab you whilst you sleep, you just don't know." Haymitch said.
"You do not know this Haymitch!" I protested.
"Okay girl, have an ally- and if they kill you whilst your sleeping, don't blame me. I warned you." He stared at me.
I looked at the food in front of me, everything you could imagine and more was on that table, lamb, chicken, beef, fish- everything was so fresh, there were more meats I couldnt identify.
Apart from the meat there was salad, not anything like the salad at home, not the dull three ingredient salad, it was so lively I could count more than 20 different ingredients.
There was pasta, so much of that not just one type but so many spiral, straight, white sauce, red sauce.
Bread rolls sat fancily in a basket, the butter was in little tubs next to it.
I had realised I was so hungry looking at all this food, the smell of it hit me and I knew then and there I had to eat something. I grabbed my plate and begun with the pasta, I picked the spiral one with the white sauce, I could taste some sort of meat in it, chicken.
"Is that good?" Effie asked me, all I could do was nod. Shortly after I had finished the pasta and on my plate went fish, salad and a bread roll.
"Haven't you had enough?" Haymitch asked, I shook my head.
"This is the most food I have ever seen, it all looks so good." I smiled.
"Well, enjoy." He said, I looked over at Marenick and seen he was just as bad as I was, if not worse. He was eating so quickly with twice as much food as I had on my plate.
"Are you children underfed?" Effie laughed a little, I stared at her in shock, it was a moment before she realised what she had said. "Oh, I didnt mean to!" She apologised quickly.
I ignored what she had to say and continued eating.
"Were going to be at the Capitol in the morning and you will meet your prep team, do not disagree with anything they do, be quiet dont struggle. Okay?" Haymitch said as he took another sip of his drink. I nodded. "Lets go watch the Reaping Recaps." We all got up, Haymtich with a drink in his hand, and walked into a room with two big couches and a massive television, back at home we were lucky to have electricity two hours a day, I understood why. The Capitol had so much to power that the outlying districts had hardly any power.
The television was on and it first showed the reaping for district one. As usual there were many volunteers, but a big looking boy and an even bigger looking girl were chosen, I think their names were Jareth and Tacy. District two gave a small girl who refused volunteers but cried, her name was Jolissa. The boy seemed brutal, even bigger than the district one girl, his name was Harrel. Distirct three gave us smart looking tributes. Four gave us Taiven and Ridge. I didnt take notice of the next few tributes, none of them caught my eye. District 7 was the one who caught my eye, Xerin was the male tribute, he cameout of the seventeen year olds and Ceja, a girl who looked around 13, they looked strong and were related somehow, their last name was Dyer, siblings, cousins maybe? Xerin looked over Ceja carefully, as if the next person who touched her would die.
The ony other tribute who caught my eye was he girl from 11, Saffron.
"Any tributes standing out?" Haymitch laughed at me.
"The two from 7 and the girl from 11, the girl from 2 looked suspicious, the fact that she wpuld refuse volunteers but cry, that doesnt seem normal." I noted.
"The girl from seven? What was her name?" Haymitch laughed.
"Ceja?" I said.
"She looks as if she could kill but shes small." Haymitch shrugged.
"She looks as if shes a good ally." I flung back.
"Honestly, darling, I dont think that they would split up or let in another tribute, I think theyre related." Haymtich shrugged.
"What about Saffron from eleven?" I asked.
"Shes okay." He shrugged.
"You knock back everything I say!"
"Thats because, darling, simply theyre not that bright." Haymitch said seriously.
"Whatever." I got up and stormed out, back towards my room.
I decided to take a shower, there were so many buttons to figure out, I pressed each one noting what they did, eventually I got it just right. I let myself relax in the shower.
Soon I got out, and got dressed in one of the night gowns, letting myself drift into sleep.

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