A Secret Abernathy, The 70th Annual Hunger Games.

Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!
Its time for the 70th Annual Hunger Games! You know what that means! Reaping Time! Its District 12. Haymitch has a secret daughter, Taylee Kingston- the Capitol doesnt appreciate secrets. Will 15 year old Taylee survive the Games and everything the Capitol throws at the child who can't pick her family?

Chapter 10

Final Battle.

I woke up to a bird chirping above me, it wasn't a usual morning happiness chirp, it was more of a warning signal. I knew today would be my last or close to my last day in thw arena, with only me and three others I knew I was in for a long day.
I untied myself shoving my things in my backpack. I slowly began to descend the tree, a little on edge after last night. I began to walk further away from the mountain, thats when I heard the crashing sound, I turned around knowing nothing good could be of this. The scene before me unfolded, the mountain began to crash, straight away a cannon went off, I began to run realising I hadn't gotten as fas away as I had hoped, far enough to be safe. I ran as fast as I can, pushing myself as fast as I can. The birds were still sending out their warning signals, Mockingjays. Such beautiful creatures in my eyes, a mockingbird and a jabberjay. I knew they wouldnt be the only mutts in the arena.
"AHHHHHHHH!" Someone screamed from near me, I decided against going towards the sound, not knowing if that was a mistake or not. I ran even faster, the trees opened up to reveal a pack of oversized rats with fangs, I really had nowhere to go except for back where I came from- towards the crashing mountain.
I backed away slowly, but ofcourse the muttations had caught my scent one of them growled at me, I began to run again, the person from before screamed and thats when I decided to run towards them. I ran towards the person's screams and grunts, I got to the person just in time to see a bunch of the muttations rip Xerin in half, I closed my eyes tightly wishing I hadnt seen that. I ran back towards the mountain as Xerin's cannon went off. I noted motion towards my right, I changed my course towards the movement. I coud tell it wasnt one of the mutts, it was too small. I ran even faster, my heart beating fast in my ears, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I tried to steady myself as I caught up to the last tribute, a girl who looked around 17 years of age. No words were spoken between us. She lunged at me, holding a little arrow head. She had me pinned, knowing the mutts would reach us soon I prayed I could overrun the girl, whom I believed was from District 3. I used all my force to bring my knee up making contact with her back, she was caugh off guard and I used that moment to push her off me but not before she could scratch me deeply with the arrow head down my arm. I reached into my jaket pulling out one of the knives, she had scratched down my dominant arm, I tried my best to throw, it hit her a little on the leg but bounced off, frustrated and in pain I walked towards her, she flicked one of her arrowheads at me causing it to scratch through my shirt, scratching my belly, I stood a few inches away from the girl, I picked another knife and threw it at her, it stuck into her stomach. She clutched at it, her face showed how much pain she was in, her black hair had fell in sweaty strands infront of her face, causing her to look a little phsycho. She grunted throwing another arrow head at me, it struck my cheek. I got onto the floor infront of her and pushed the knife in her stomach further in, she coughed blood up at me, her brown eyes conveyed pure pain, I reached in and pulled another knife out piercing it into her heart. I shut my eyes tightly as her cannon went off. I opened my eyes, looking at the girl infront of me.
"Ladies and Gentleman!" Claudius' voice boomed out. I stood up, numb. "The victor of the 70th Annual Hunger Games! Taylee Abernathy." His voice boomed out. A strong gust of wind blew, I looked up as a hovercraft lowered it's ladder. I hung onto it, and was brought into the hovercraft, I was safe. I sighed, doctors and nurses rushed around I was put into a wheel chair and given a bunch of drugs to knock me out, I tried to fight it but after fighting so much in the arena I eventually gave into the sleepiness.


The beeping of machines was what I woke up too. I sat up, not in any pain at all, I was in a room in the Capitol hospital under the Training Center. "You're awake." A voice startled me a little. I looked over to see Haymitch, I smiled at him.
"Hi." I whispered.
"Hey." He walked over to me. "We have to go get you ready for the interview, come on." He helped me out of the bed, disconnecting all the machines, a doctor smiled at us on the way out. Haymitch wrapped his arm around his shoulder and lead me to the 12th floor. As sad as it sounds I was happy to see my prep team, Kat runs up to me, she is crying.
"Oh I thought I would never see you again." She sniffs as she hugs me.
"I missed you too Kat." I smile slightly at this gesture. She released me and I see Lisette standing there, for the first time she is smiling, her hair no longer white but a gold coulor.
"I judged you too quickly my dear!" She nods at me.
"Thank you." I smile at her going to hug her, she seems a little reluctant but hugs me back.
"Congratulations!" Eran smiles hugging me briefly.
"Lets get started. I nod at Haymitch and he leaves, they take me to the bathroom and strip me out of the hospital gown, they help me into a bath full of bath salts and other things. I close my eyes taking all of it in. They scrub and cleanse my boddy from all of the accumilated dirt from the arena, the short time whilst I was there. I must have tuned out because I hear Kat shriek "Are you listening?"
"Sorry what?" I asked.
"I went to my friends party last night and..." I tuned out again.
"Thats nice Kat." I said when she had stopped talking, they helped me out of the bath and started on my make up.

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