A Secret Abernathy, The 70th Annual Hunger Games.

Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!
Its time for the 70th Annual Hunger Games! You know what that means! Reaping Time! Its District 12. Haymitch has a secret daughter, Taylee Kingston- the Capitol doesnt appreciate secrets. Will 15 year old Taylee survive the Games and everything the Capitol throws at the child who can't pick her family?

Chapter 1

The Victor Himself.

"Taylee Abernathy!" Effie Trinket called, shocked gasps and murmers echoed throughout the small town square of District 12, no one had ever called me that, of course I knew who I was. Haymitch Abernathy's secret daughter, he knew too but he wanted nothing to donwith me- he sent my mother money from time to time but the victor himself had never spoken to me- his own dauther. "Taylee, where are you?" Effies voice rang out again. My best friend, Everin, looked over at me. Ot had clicked to her that Taylee Abernathy was in fact her best friend, Taylee Kingston.
"NO!" Everin yelled in pain, that caused quiet a commotion.
"Do we have a volunteer?" Effie asked in her disgusting Capitol accent. Everin shook her head and looked down, ashamed. I didnt blame her, I myself would not volunteer but I couldnt help be a little mad, I knew this was done on purpose. Exploit me for who I am, take me away from Haymitch, to prove that even the victors children were not safe, that there were no secrets that the Capitol were not aware of. I began to make my way onto the make shift stage; I didnt even bother looking at my so called 'father' knowing he was too drunk ti even care about his daughter getting reaped. I tried to ignore the whispers, I couldnt believe my secret that I tried to keep for so long was finally out! I was going to be the talk of the district, not that it mattered much considering I was going to die, no thanks to my father. I looked out to the crowd Everin was looking at me apologetically- everyone else was just looking at me like I was a freak!
"Now for our male tribute!" Effie beamed walking over to the ball containing the boys names. She waved her hand over the slips of paper before picking a slip, she walked back over to the microphone. I stood in fear waiting for the name to be read. "Marenick Isa." Effie shouted. The crowd looked towards a small, sickly 13 year old boy. I felt alost bad for the young boy, but I knew I couldnt do anything- whether I liked it or not him and I were fighting to death. "Any volunteers?" Effie asked, the district was so queit. "No one?" She asked again. "Okay, here are your tributes for the 70th Annual Hunger Games! Happy Hunger Games and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour!" Marenick and I were ushered off stage, into the Justice Building. I was put into a lavishly furnished room, I looked around, it was nothing like I had ever seen in 12- whilst we were starving, they had a piece of the Capitol right here, I felt sick. The door opened and my mother rushed in.
"Oh Taylee!" She cried.
"Mom, dont cry!" I hugged her tightly.
"Damn Haymitch! This is all his fault!" My mother cursed.
"Mom dont say that." I said.
"You and I both know its true, if you weren't related to him we wouldn't be in this position Taylee!" She said acidly.
"That isnt true Mom!" I said, trying to shake her out of her rant.
"Why are you defending him Taylee?" She asked.
"He's the only chance I have of getting out of that arena alive, dont you understand?" I asked.
"I'm sorry." Mom hugged me. I hugged back, I knew I couldnt cry. Peacekeepers came in, I knew it was time for my mom to go.
"Bye Mom." I said. She quickly kissed my forehead.
"I love you!" I said, she said the same and was quickly whisked away. I tried to stay strong, I sat numbly on the lounge before long I could hear Everin.
"Dont touch me!" She yelled.
"Watch it." I heard a grumpy voice say. Everin burst through the doors.
"Taylee!" She cried. "I'm so sorry, I was in shock, I should have volunteered for you."
"No, you have your brothers, I only have my mom." I said.
"And Haymitch." She whispered.
"Don't." I shook my head.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Why didn't you ever tell me Tay?" She asked, she was the only one who ever called me Tay.
"I'm not sure, I was... embarrased." I sighed.
"Why be embarrased?! Your dad won the freaking Games!" She giggled a little bit.
"Yeah, I guess." I looked away.
"How long have you known?" She asked.
"Since I was about 8." I shrugged.
"Oh Tay." She hugged me tightly. "I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of the arena, Ill try and get people to sponsors you from here, but you have to help yourself to." She said.
"I'll try Eve, no promises." I said.
"You know how to hunt, you can run fast and your sneaky!" I think back to all the times Eve and I went out in the woods, I was good with throwing knives that Haymitch had sent mum for me, he told her I had to be prepared. I was sneaky, I was always scaring Eve by sneaking up on her and I always won the running races at school.
"I guess." I whispered.
"I want you to take this." She slipped out of her favourite bracelet, it was her sisters that the Capitol punished for leaving the District and getting caught.
"Are you sure?" I asked, I looked at the coal black string, attached to it was a small stone.
"Yes, it'll protect you, like it does for me." She said.
"Thank you." I hugged her and she helped me put the bracelet on, the peacekeepers took Everin away, I understood why she didnt like Peacekeepers.
I was ushered away to the train station. I waved to everyone and was forced to board the train.
"Hello, hello!" Effie smiled. "Soon you will meet your mentor!" She looked at me as she said that, we arrived in a dining cart, I looked around and gasped, there was so much to eat and drink! Over to the left was a bar, I spotted Haymitch there, typical. "Haymitch, the tributes are waiting!" She motioned for us to take a seat. Haymitch eventually pulled himself away from the bar and sat in front of us. I looked at him.
"What?" He asked gruffly.
"This is Marenick, and I'm Taylee." I said.
"I know who you are girl." He laughed, for the first time I was up close to the victor, him and I looked similar, I had his blonde straight hair but my mothers sparkling brown eyes. I was tall like him, I didnt look like many people from my District.
"Oh really? I didnt think you did." I laughed at him.
"Dont push me girl!" He slurred.
"Girl? You cant even call me by my name?" I asked. He didnt even bother to reply, I looked down at my purple reaping dress, straightening it up.
"Do you have any advice?" Marenick asked.
"Get sponsors, there isnt a chance for you to stay alive. Youre going to die." He said bluntly.
"Thanks for that insight Abernathy." I said harshly.
"Anytime girl." The tension was thick. I could tell that Marenick knew he was going to die.
"You cant even open you eyes Abernathy, Im going to die! Do you even care? Im your daughter!" I shouted. Effie, Haymitch and Marenick looked at me shocked. I put my head down.
"Girl, why do you think there have been no victors for District 12? I simply do not want to be here." He said. I got up and stormed out.

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