(Hetalia)A Different Kind of Love (USUK) DISCONTINUED

(Hetalia)A Different Kind of Love (USUK) DISCONTINUED

Okay so me and HetaliaEngland were just talking and we just started making this story! It's kinda simple...

Yes it can be considered yaoi...it doesn't go too far so just give it a chance please!

And I'll be making another version with human names and some gender swaps for others too so don't worry!

Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1


Taiwan's POV:

Today started out like any other I suppose; England and I were just talking to each other, discusing everything that happened to us.
"So," I began, "What happened to you today? You look a little frustrated." I crossed my arms, waiting for an answer.
He sighed, "It's just America again..."
"Ahhh yes. And what completely horrible thing did he do today?"
"He dragged me to this $tupid movie and forced me to watch it with him!" he exploded, "And he wouldn't let go of me the whole time, because he was so scared!"
"Really?" I loaded the word with sarcasm. "So he took you to a movie, forced you AGAINST your will to stay, and held on to you the whole time?!?!"
"YES! And afterwards he kept singing this annoying song." England began to moan, "And I still can't get it out of my head!!" he whined, "Man, America is so annoying!"
I smiled to myself, "But you still love him," I teased.
"What?!?" he exclaimed, "I never...who said...y-you mean love like family or...?"
I raised my eyebrows at him, "You know perfectly well what I mean." I must have been right, because he blushed deeply and looked away.
"Well..." he looked for the right word, "I-it's not like he would ever like me back anyways..."
I bit my lip when I heard that, because I knew for a fact that it wasn't true. America had told me just weeks ago how he felt; it's not something you could forget. I couldn't help but mutter to myself, "Want to make a bet..."
"It's true!!" England screamed, "He hates me! Why else would he have declared war against me?!?! Why else would he not want to be my brother anymore?!? Why-wait, what a bet?"
Oops. "Nothing!" I said, too quickly, "Nothing...at...all...." I laughed nervously.
"It sure doesn't sound like nothing. Tell me!" he challenged.
That smile on his face said it all; I would have to tell him eventually, but I would stay strong for as long as I could! "No! America told me not to say anything!"
"It's not going to hurt anyone if you tell me! Besides! I got your and Japan's date set up!" he argued.
"I promised! And it's a very personal secret..." I gasped and covered my mouth. I knew I had just given something away.
England knew too, and he smiled, "Tell me! I'll tell you a secret of mine..." he coaxed.
I wasn't going to fall for it, so I decided to just play with him and gasped in awe, "You really DO love France don't you!?!"
He blushed and shook it off, "NO! It happened at the b@r and..." he looked at me and collected himself, "I will only tell you IF...you tell me his secret."
I knew I was losing this battle, so to speak, "B-but America..."
England's lip quivered and he looked like he was about to cry, "Please...tell me?"
I sighed, "...America is secretly in love with you. THERE I SAID IT!" I broke down and started to cry, since it was the first secret I hadn't kept and AMERICA'S at that!
England was still in shock, "He...loves me?" The biggest smile covered his lips that moment. He calmed down and focused, "Okay! Now...I'll tell you my secret.....me America, France, Prussia, and Spain were at the b@r... and... okay lets just say that I had a little more than I was suppost to and... I started saying everything about my life, like my friends and all that... America looked disgusted, France had a r-ape face on, Prussia was laughing, and Spain kept on drinking beeer! And then I threw up and everyone said gross and ran out besides America. then America asked if I was alright, and...I kissed him."

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