A Sad Suicide Story (Bullying/Child Abuse)

Chapter 1

Believe and or have feelings for this child

Raven's story: She was abused everyday by her dad, he kept trying to kill her. Her mother always had to save her but then told her it was her fault. She soon believed it. her father always put her down, he told her she was an acident, she was never supposed to happen. She grew to hate him. As for her mother, she gave her food, education, a place to sleep, clothing but no love. No guidance, no help, no care. her mother didn't care about her. At school she would always get bullied, they would always laugh at the pitiful child. She hated her parents but there was one person she loved. Her sister. The only person in the world that was kind to her. She loved her sister with all of her life. She wrote before she died, "No one weep for me, no one deserves to weep for me, exept Lacey (her sister". She then used razor blades to kill her self. She loved the feeling that she was going to get away from all the pain. U see, she never wanted tp die, just to escape the pain. If she wanted to die (this is what she says bout it), "I would have done the years long ago if it wasn't for u"

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