It was an Accident

Chapter 1


this is how my main characters look like since i dont describe them, so ya-

Lily Summerton - long curly dark brown hair, freckles, dark green eyes, 5" 6', 16 almost 17 yrs old, skinny, PERSONALITY - funny and sarcastic, beat up attitude (really she can beat u up), down to earth but really out there, pretty good imagination

Alex Summerton - long semi curly dirty blonde hair, light freckles, deep blue eyes, 5" 1/2', 13 almost 14 yrs old, skinny, PERSONALITY - hilarious and fun to hang around, way out there, great imagination, a peaceful kind of gal

Sam Pentworth - short heavily curly bown hair, no freckles, hazel eyes with hints of orange and yellow, 5" 8', 17 yrs old, muscle body build, skinny, PERSONALITY - serious but still let loose, funny, smart

Riley Lakely - super long straight red-ish brown hair (like a pretty auburn), tiny freckels across her face, bright golden eyes with flecks of darker brown and green, 5" 2', 15 going on (skipped a grade), she is a really good athlete and though she is short she has a muscular build for a girl, skinny, PERSONALITY - she is really sarcastic and though she is really really smart she can be clueless sometimes, she isn't really into boys, she has brothers so she is tough, she is really kind and has a big heart

Evander Vilontees - short curly sandy blonde hair, very light freckles, orange/green eyes with hints of blue, 5" 6 1/2', 17 1/2 yrs old, strong muscle build, skinny, PERSONALITY - fun but evil (use to be), smart, experience with magic of a sort, mean demeanor but soft spots for friends

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