im sooo sorry u have to read this plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

hey guys im soo sorry i havent been online lately

Chapter 1

prolly deleting my acount

hey everyone its alexx here but um im sorry i havent been on lately. ive been soooo busy ive resently lost some family as in........ death...... and ive been really sad about it and to go with it ive had some friends in their teens kill themselfs. im not giveing names cuz it personal and uk wanna keep it from gettin g to out but um i think im not gonna return for a while im sorry but i cant do all this right now and im lagit ly heart broken. and so um yea sorry for efery thing but um ill see wat i can do to be on still thinking about deleting my acount sorry but unless u can give me a reason not to then maby ill change my mind but other wise im sorry really sorry


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