Hey guys i'm confused!

okay so sorry if this is whiney or stupid. I feel like this might just be a waste of time but thanks if you're a good enough friend you'll actually read this...

Chapter 1

:( Confused

by: mgrace72
Okay so I love writing and I love imagining things. When I get ideas for stories and stuff I have whole detailed plots in mind but it can sometimes be really hard for me to write down what I have imagined. I joined this site cause i thought that maybe if i did it would be a motivation to actually start a story and finish it for once. I'm just stuck and confused.

I have all these messages about things that i'm not really sure have anything to do with me and i couldn't care less about. That alone kinda makes me question staying on.

I just don't know if I'm a good author or not I guess. There are so many really talented people who post things on here and I guess I feel like I don't deserve to stay on. I'm not sure...

I'm just confused that's all. Any suggestions?


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