One Day at a Time

ok its the story i promised people!

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

by: gale3216
There was a cop with a picture of my 2 sister and myself of when we were younger. What did I do? I move to the chair next to the cop.

"Hello Jet met officer Willson" said Mr. Rivers coolly.

"Hello" I say

"Hello" he says. "I am sorry to report to you that your mother has passed today"

"WHAT!" I say my voice almost trembling as I stand up. I try to keep from crying.

"It happed a few blocks away from here. A drunk driver hit her. They both died on impact. I sorry for your loss."

"A few blocks? Can you give me a time span of the death?" I say with tears almost in my eyes.

"Well around 7, she must have been going home"

My heart sank, my body shaking. I killed my mother. It’s all my fault! If I didn’t want to go to school so early! I KILLED MY MOTHER! The words are being shouted in my head. My breathing intensifies.

"Are you ok Jet?" said Mr. Rivers.

"Yes." I say my words tremble completely proving to them that I am not ok.

"I was asked to drive you home. Why don’t you go get your things?"

I stormed out of the room my heart was shattered. My face had tear streaming down my face. A few of my friends walked passed me in the hall.
"Hey Jet!" they said "OMG what’s wrong?"

Everyone knew that I never cry because I am tough. I walked straight passed them to my locker grabbed my stuff. I have to stay strong. Mom would want me to be strong. I finished packing my things and went back to the main office when Mr.Willson showed me to the car. I sat shotgun and gave him directions to my house. By the time I got there I had calmed down and reverted back always to the state of when I am sad. Anger. It is myself mechanism for my states that show my weakness. I am not the only one in my family who does this. My whole family does this to prevent ourselves from being weak. If we were weak we would lose control over the thing we hold and love.

As we pull into my drive way I see a jet black car with a convertible roof. I don’t need any help getting angry now. This person always gets me angry. I look up to my 2 story, brown house. This is going to be a long day. I think to myself.

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