One Day at a Time

ok its the story i promised people!

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

by: gale3216
My life was great in fact wonderful but 2 months ago I ruined my whole life. Wait I getting ahead of myself it all started on my first day of high school. My wonderful, single mother woke me up. You see my “dad” left me when I was only a couple months old. Anyway I got ready and my mom drove me to school. I was early for school but I didn’t care because everyone knew me and liked me as a person, except one person. He was at my middle school and I hated him! He hates me too and I don’t care.

I got there 10 minutes early and maybe that was the big mistake of my life. I told my mom I loved her and left. Ok, let me tell you something I am a band person, got a problem? Well deal with it! I head up to the band room, got ready and played. Afterward 2 people came up to me, my best friends actually. A medium sized person with light brown hair person came up to me. The other was a tall, sleet black hair person with a pair of sunglasses on his face.
“Hey Mariah, hey Mitch! What’s new?”
“Hey Jet!” They both said in unison.
“Ok were indoors what with the sunglasses?”
“I thought they would impress the ladies”
“Ya well. Good luck with that.” Said Mariah.

I roll my eyes as we all walk to class. We had our first class together and then we all split up until our last class. School went on as a first day would normally would. All the teachers tell you a little about themselves and what they are trying to accomplish and what not. 15 minutes before school ends I am called to the principal’s office. I walk through the hall to the main office where the secretary ushers me into the principal’s office and when I open the door I was shocked at who was in the office.

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