Hogwarts: NIneteen years later

Hello. This is a story about the Hogwartians almost 20 years after Lord Voldemort has been defeated. Read on to learn more!

Chapter 1

The train to Hogwarts.

by: hokypoky6
I looked nervously at the wall. "Be careful not to run too fast, or too slow, or the platform will swallow you whole and transport you to another dimension." I heard my older brother, James, whisper in my ear. I spun around nervously and looked at my father with a horror- stricken face. "Your brother was just being a pain. You can go at any speed you wish. Albus, you'll be fine," My dad, also known as Harry Potter, said, almost convincingly.,"I'll walk with you if you wish." I heard James let out a small laugh. I looked over at him. He was such a git at times. "No, That's okay, I think I'll be fine." I replied, taking a deep breath, and jogging strait into platform 9 and three quarters.
I looked up in amazment. I stared above me, watching birds fly through the sun-lit rooftop. I smiled a bit before running into a tall, blonde haired boy standing with his father. I glanced at him in fear. "I'm horribly sorry..." I muttered, and my owl, Adribeak, let out a squeal. I felt two hands on my shoulder. I turned around to find my brother, James. "Excuse us." He said with a bit of an attitude, his eye contact directed at the boy with light blonde hair. "You're excused. Potter." The boy said, sneering. "Quirkious." James responded, with a slight smile. The boy looked astounded. The man coughed slightly. "We should be on our way. Scoirpious, come." "Yes father." The boy said, walking away with his head held high. I looked relivingly up at my brother. "Thanks." He smiled. "No problem. alright, let's go say bye to Mum and Dad, and I'll tell you all about who to and not mess around with." He laughed before pushing me to our parents.

"Alright, well you two have a wonderful time!" Mum said desperetly, "We're going to miss you both." "Well you know, some people just can't get enough of me. I am fairly amazing" James bragged, laughing. "See you at Christmas, Let's go Al." I hugged Dad and kissed Mum before running back to James, who was already boarding the train. I walked around for a moment before I found James' compartment. Unfortunetly, It was full. James was just as popular as he'd said. I wish I could be like him...
I was about to leave the compartment when James said, "Wait, I suppose I'll have to explain this to you before you go. I don't want you to embarress me." He laughed winking at me. His friends joined in the laughter.
"Alright well, Don't go anywhere NEAR the slytherins. We're house rivals. Everyone in it is a slimy icky disgusting horrible bloody mental git. Even the Girl's, they seem cool, But they just want you for your body." He said. "not that there's anything wrong with THAT." Everyone laughed. A few girls rolled their eyes. "And also, when you get to pranking, let me recommend Malfoy. That disgusting git you unfortunetly met on the walk over here. Hm, anything else boys?" James asked the group. One boy spoke up, I think his name was Asher.
"Yeah, don't think too much of detentions. Knowing James, you'll probably be getting a fair amount!" He laughed, as they all did. I smiled a bit. "Thanks, James. I think I'll be off." I said, before leaving the compartment. I walked along a bit before I found one with two boys and a girl in it. The girl was Rose, My cousin. I sighed in relief and sat down next two her. Rose huffed. "Hello, Albus, I was just leaving." She said, before walking out of the compartment. One of the boys broke the awkard silence following her absence, "Well, that was an interesting conversation. Hello, My name's Christian Wood. And this Here is Grayson Murphy." he said, offering his hand. I shook it, happy that I'd finally found someone to talk to. "My name's Albus. Albus Potter." I replied, "are you both first years as well?" Christian nodded, "We've both decided that Gryffindoor sounds like the best house so far. My dad was the quidditch Captain here you know, for Gryffindoor." He said, As-A-Matter-of-factly. "Really? My Dad too! Same house as well!" I exclaimed, He looked excitied about this. "Amazing, well, Grayson here is muggle born, so I figure he has absolutly no idea what we're talking about." Said Christian. I looked over at Grayson, who suddently looked a little sick. "Um, You okay?" I asked.
"You, you, you're Albus Potter? As in, son of Harry potter!? Who defeated the greatest, yet most horrible dark wizard in all of wizarding history?" He asked. I looked a bit puzzled, "Well yes I suppose so," I said. The Murphy boy looked like he might faint. "You okay, mate?" Christian asked. Grayson nodded. "You two should get changed. We've almost arrived." He said, before opening a box of chocolate frogs, and watching in awe as it hopped ontp the window.

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