Yule Ball Choices

Help !

Chapter 1

Dresses to choose!

by: JW101
Hey Guys!

So if you have been reading Me, Volleyballgirl527, Harry_Potter_goes_rawr, and HermioneGrangerWatson group story called "Living Magic(A Hogwarts Group Story)" then thats awsome!

Since you guys know that there's a Yule Ball coming up, I wanna know what dress it great:

Number 1: http://everything4pageants.com/media/153069.jpg

Number 2: http://www.mamulaco.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/tulle-strapless-neckline-with-a-line-skirt-yellow-prom-dresses.jpg

Number 3: http://www.nexteve.com/images/D/F05-5055.JPG

Number 4: http://www.sungboutiquela.com/images/5240_green_prom_dress_swl.jpg

Numblr 5: http://www.divasbydesign.co.za/matric-dance-dresses.jpg

Number 6: http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Prom+Dresses&view=detail&id=9AFFACB9F4F838A5B5E1582531869284436CBF24&qft=+filterui%3acolor2-FGcls_GRAY

So those are the choices :) thank you guys. And for the people for aren't read our group story, then you should! ^__^

Kayy byebye ;3


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