Important if your my friend...

Chapter 1


by: Gymdogs
So last night, I literally broke down, and I couldn't sleep, I thought I was the worst person on earth, because of what I did. But I just went to my parents and they made me feel so much better. I stayed up till 1 in the morning, with my brother. Trying to find out what was wrong, but I wasn't gonna tell him what happened.

I realized last night that Quibble was my problem. It takes up to much of my time. It gets in the way of school work, and I need to take some time to find out who I am. So... I will only be coming on when I'm bored. I really need to focus on life, and what it has to offer me, and not Quibblo.

Last night I was going to delete my account, but I decided to give it a few weeks, and if I feel better after that I won't delete, but I don't feel better I will delete.

Love yall!!!



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