You Left Me Alone...

Continuing my poems from before, like "waiting for tomorrow" and "thinking of you".

Chapter 1

My third poem...

Before, you were gone.
And my heart grew cold.

Then, you came back!
Back for good, I was told.

I tried as hard as I could,
To get to know you again.

Because I thought you had changed.
But you were still the same friend!

I was happy you'd come back.
My heart soared.

Then something happened,
And it just crashed to the floor.

My family told me
That you'd up and left.

Now because of you
There's no heart in my cheast.

Ripped out and torn apart.
By all the lies you told.

You know I'm never gonna forgive you.
You know its just getting old.

I can't believe this happened.
Being left alone AGAIN.

I don't think I can go on.
There's too much pain. Too much dread.

Always waiting for tomorrow,
Thinking of you all the while.

Waiting to sit and talk again.
To hear you laugh and see you smile.

I hope that my tears tell you
That I hope you don't come home.

I hope you'll always know
How you left me all alone...


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