I'll Miss U.

A little sad now

Chapter 1

Miss U

One of my great friends had just deleted her account. If you did not know her, her username was songwriter4life, and she was at the top of my friends list because she was the most sweetest girl i have ever meet.

Just before she left she wrote me this,
Thanks for being a sugar and always posting sweet comments on my profile page, but I am deleting. You will be one of the people I miss most.

Love ya sweetheart ^^

That was so sweet of her :)

She was my insperation for writing song lyrics as well. I started to read her songs and i fell in love with them. And because of that I am going to dedicate a song to her, thanking her for the help she has given me and wishing her all the best.

U will not only be missed by me, but all of the other friends on Quibblo that you have made. I wish you all the best in the future and will be missed dearly by me.

Love Nadia~

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