I Can Relate (Louis T. Love Story)

La - de - de - da.
Have you chaps seen Misfits? I love, love, love that show.
So I am making a Louis Love story based on that show, but less risque, & no powers, because... no.

Chapter 1

The Meet.

"I called the cops, you unruly little girls! This is the last time you paint on my house!"
I laughed, "Good luck with that lady!"
Sure, graffiti was illegal, but it was a form of expression like painting, but with more of an adrenaline rush. Which is why me and my best mate Kelly absolutely loved it.
I know it's kinda mean to spray paint on some old lady's house, but the outside of her house was the perfect place to paint! It was a place where everyone could see, no matter if you were driving or walking, or on the train.
I grabbed the walkie-talkie from my backpack as a finished up my new work of art; it was a picture of a little girl, wearing a pink dress along with a pink bow smoking a cig, with the words 'Innocence is gone..'
I clicked the talk button on my talkie, "Hey Kelly, you almost done babe?"
Static, "Yeah, I'm heading over to your side, I just finished up my skull piece"
I pressed the button again, "Skull?, that's kind of disturbing"
More static, "Well, I'm think it looks cool and creepy, I wrote 'Embrace Death, It's Inevitable'"
I quickly replied "Nice one, you should see mine, come over"
Static "On my way love!"

I waited about 3 minutes when I heard rustling in the bushes, Kelly, with her pack in hand, she looked up at the wall.
"Well done babe, looks amazing!"
"Thanks" I replied, leaning my head on her shoulder as we looked at it,
"Now come check out mine, yeah?"
"Of course!" I said packing up my gear, I followed her to the side of the house in which Kelly sprayed her new piece of art, it really did look cool, the skull had so much detail, and the words were in beautiful cursive.
"Kelly! It's fabulous" I admitted.
"Yeah, Well I -"

The red & blue lights flashed before Kelly could finish her sentence, and we dashed off like a kid with their hand stuck in the candy jar. I followed Kelly back through the bushes and we just ran, we could still hear the siren behind us.
"Kelly, turn into the alley! I think it let's out on the other side!" I yelled.
She listened and we rushed left into the alley, "Clio! I think we can hide in the community center!" She yelled as we hauled ourselves over the fence and into the community building.
"Hurry! hurry!" I said as I held open the door and slammed it behind us.
We ran up the steps two at a time, "I can't believe that old lady actually called the cops on us!"
"I know, now hush up, before we get caught" Kelly whispered. We made our way up to the second floor into the music room we used to hang out in as tweens. It was dark and quiet, chilly as well.
We tip-toed in and hid in the closet, trying to make as little noise as possible.
"Think they'll find us?" I asked.
"Well I hope not" I deep, masculine voice answered.
I quickly pulled the flashlight out of my bag and pointed it into the direction of the voice, we saw two boys, one with curly hair & the other with messy yet straight hair.
"Who the hell are you?" I whispered.
"Well I'm Harry & this is my mate Louis"
"I'm Kelly, this is Clio"
We all shook hands, "Nice to meet you, you gents gay or are you hiding from the law as well?"
"Option 2" Louis said.
"If we don't get caught we should hang out, for law breakers you ladies are real lovely" Louis said looking at me.
"Sounds like a plan" I replied.
"Is it just me or are you two flirting?" Kelly asked
"Nope, I feel the chemistry too Ms. Kelly" Harry agreed. They both laughed.
We were so busy talking we didn't even notice the lights of the music room came on and footsteps were approaching us.
"Well I'm glad the cops came after us" Louis said to me
I'm pretty sure I made an incredulous face, "Why is that?"
"Cause I got to me you of course" He replied.
I couldn't help but blush, Harry & Kelly laughed.

We all rose our hands in the air as we were pulled out of the supply closet and were dragged off to the station. I couldn't believe that was how me and Louis Tomlinson met.
Romantic huh?


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