This needs to stop -_-

Please read below..

Chapter 1

This needs to stop now! -_-

Alright.... SO! Recently someone decided it would be funny to hack my account and go on my friends boyfriends page to die in as hole and that hes ugly.Well guess what????!?!?!!?! Its NOT funny! Because of it I lost two friends -Ali and Raiden.I loved both of them and now they hate me.I dont think that it was nice to do that.I cared about people and now I pretty much hate my life.I have tried to apologize but they wont forgive me.Im gonna just warn people now that when I find out who did it Im going to report them on here and to the police because they can get arrested for that -_- I understand if you delete me but Im going through enough right now and I dont need this stuff.Thankies :/ -Leonella


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