69 Questions about One Direction

Chapter 1

69 Questions

69 One Direction Questions

1. When did you first start liking One Direction?

When they released WMYB. Man, I wish I was there since the beginning!

2. Do you have a favorite boy?

Liam Payne! <3

3. Have you even had a favorite boy?


4. What was the first song you’ve ever heard by them?

Cover Song: Viva La Vida

Original Song: What Makes You Beautiful

5. Which boy do you relate to the most?


6. Which boy do you relate to the least?


7. Whose style do you admire the most?


8. What’s one thing you love about Liam?

That he cares about his fans so much! You can tell. I love his Twitcams! Ugh I can't choose one thing!

9. What’s one thing you love about Niall?

His accent!

10. What’s one thing you love about Zayn?

Vas Happenin!

11. What’s one thing you love about Louis?

That he can make me laugh!

12. What’s one thing you love about Harry?

His Hair!!! Omg.

13. Have you ever disliked one of the boys?

How could I!

14. Would you rather spend a day with all five or a week with just one?

A week with one of them :) LEEYUM!!!

15. Do you ever dress like them?

Nope. I don't have the chance!!!

16. What’s the top played song the boys have ever sung?

On my phone: Moments

On my Youtube: One Thing

17. What would your reaction be if you met them?

I would be like "Hey, Vas Happenin?" to break the awkwardness and blush a little.

18. Have you ever been to a concert?

No. But I'm going to one in 2013! :D

19. Have you ever met them?

No :(

20. Approximately how many pictures/gifs of them do you have saved on your computer?

Let me check my iPod.... 350. And about 50 on my computer. (My dad doesn't want me to take up too much memory)

21. What’s the first piece of 1D merchandise you’ve ever bought?


22. Are you the only Directioner at your school?

Yes. Some girls say they are directioners but they are really directionaters. Trust me. THEY ONLY KNOW HARRY.

23. What is your favorite song they sung on the X Factor?

Viva la Vida

24. What is your favorite music video?

One Thing

25. What is your favorite song off the Up All Night album?

Moments :)

26. What is your favorite X Factor video diary?

Oh.. I don't know! They are all great!

27. What is your favorite tour video diary?

Once again I can’t choose cause I love them all…

28. Who do you think has the best hair?


29. Who do you think will be married first?


30. Who do you think will be married last?


31. What is your favorite quote from Harry?

I actually don't know!

32. What is your favorite quote from Liam?

"It's on like donkey kong." Liam Payne

33. What is your favorite quote from Louis?

"Live life for the Moment, because everything else is uncertain." -Louis Tomlinson

34. What is your favorite quote from Niall?

"I’m carefree, Irish, and blonde" -Niall Horan

35. What is your favourite quote from Zayn?

"Just close your eyes and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life." -Zayn Malik

36. What made you cry the most during A Year in the Making?

When Harry got hated.

37. When was the last time you seriously cried over the boys?

When I heard Niall was getting braces because of hate.

38. On a scale from 1-100, how troubled do your friends and family think you are?

I kinda broke that scale..

39. What would you give up just to meet the boys?

Uh... I'm not going to be dirty. ;)

40. Do you often get yelled at by your parents over the boys?


41. Have you ever walked out of class, because of a Directionator?

Yes. YES!

42. How do you handle it when someone says something incredibly rude about the boys?

You hate One Direction? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't care, more for me.

43. Have you or do you know anyone who has been to one of the boys hometowns?


44. Have you read their books?

No but I'm going to get one soon.

45. How much money do you think you’ve spent on One Direction?

In my head: Millions

In real life: 10.00. for their CD

46. Which bromance(s) do you ship the most?

Larry Stylinson

47. Which bromance(s) do you ship the least?


48. Have you ever been to a signing?


49. Do you own anything identical to something one of the boys have?

One of Liam's plaid shirts.

50. When was the last time you told someone off after they’ve been blatantly rude about One Direction or one of the boys?

1 minute ago...

51. Do you remember the very first picture you’ve saved of any of the boys?

Yeah. It was their Up All Night picture.

52. What is one thing you love about this fandom?

Being a part of it :D

53. What is one thing you don’t like about this fandom?

The haters.

54. How many really good friends have you made, because of One Direction?

Like 7.... (He he! Lucky number)

55. What do you think their next album should be called?


56. Have you ever doubted any of the boys?

No and I never will as long as they never give me a reason to

57. What is your favorite interview One Direction has ever done?

Probably Hot or not. It was funny.

58. Has any of the boys followed you on Twitter?

No! But I wish!

59. Has any of the boys RT’d or responded to your tweet to them?


60. Has any of the boys friends or relatives followed, RT’d, or responded to you on Twitter?

Does Eleanor and Baby Lux count? :)

61. Was there ever a time where you were so close to the boys, but weren’t able to go see them?


62. What does the term “Directioner” mean to you?

Someone who stands by the band 110%. No matter what they decide to do you will accept it and be there for it. This doesn’t mean stalking them and knowing every last detail about them, but knowing what this all means to them and knowing what an impact each and everyone of us make in their lives, because with out is there wouldn’t be a One Direction. And giving up something in their lives just to be a directioner. (Friends, popularity, etc)

63. Do you ever think you’ll meet them?

I can always hope! Never say never!

64. What little things remind you of the boys?

A lot! Carrots... Lambos... Hot Dogs... (Inside joke that most don't get) ... Hair flicks. ETC!

65. What’s your favourite picture/gif of each of the boys?

Just some of my favorites… I love a lot of them.

When Liam shushes Louis in his solo at Moments.
When Harry says "PETER PAN!"
When Louis says "SUPERMAAAN!"
When Niall says "POTATO"
When Zayn says "Vas Happenin?"

66. What’s your favourite picture/gif of One Direction?

I have too many!

67. How do you refer to the boys?

My future husbands.

68. Do you think they’ve changed, or will change?

No. They will always be those 5 idiots on the stairs. :P

69. Are you still waiting for that DM from Zayn?


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