A Harry Potter Love Story(YET TO BE NAMED)

If you have an idea what the title should be, be my guest and comment your idea.

This is a Love Story that I'm writing with ChocolateHorse. Hope you like it and please comment!!!

Chapter 1


"Hurry, Luva!" My dad said, holding my mother's hand. I quickly put the bag in the trolley and hurried after my parents to the wall that was supposed to get you to Platform 9 3/4.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." I said as the looked back again. My mother smiled and took my fathers hand as she ran to the wall. I cringed when she made contact and disappeared. It still amazed me as to how cool magic was. Taking a deep breath, I ran forward and closed my eyes. I didn't want to be the one to crash into a wall. Suddenly, the air changed and I could hear a train whistle. Opening my eyes, I noticed a lot of people wearing weird robes. Looking around, I saw my parents talking to a redheaded man and woman. I walked up them and smiled.

"Ah, here she is. Arthur, Molly, meet my oldest daughter, Luva." I smiled and waved. They smiles back and Molly took something out of her huge bag.

"Luva, dear, could you give this to George? One of my sons, who is also going to be here on his first year." I took the wand out of her hand and stuck it in my bag. "Oh, do watch out for his brother, Fred." I nodded and looked up at my parents.

"Right. We need to get you on the train." They said their goodbyes and led me to the train. "Go on dear, get on the train. And don't forget to make friends. They'll help you have fun." I smiled and hugged my mother.

"I'm going to miss you, mum." I said when she pulled away. She smiled and moved me to my father. I hugged him really quick and got on the train to find an empty compartment. The ride was pretty much boring and I didn't see a kid named George, so I wasn't able to give him his wand. When we arrived on the boats to Hogwarts, we were led to big doors where a professor was standing, waiting for us.

"Hello, first years. My name is Professor McGonagall and I'm the transfiguration teacher. Tonight, you will be sorted into your house, where you will grow like a family. Stay right here while I make sure their ready." She left and everything was quiet until she came back. She led us through the door and I was amazed about what I saw. Candles floated high above the tables and the ceiling was exactly like the night sky outside. We were led to the front where a stool and a hat sat. I wasn't really paying attention until my name was called. "Luva Jaque." Everything was quiet as I walked up to the stool and sat down. As soon at the hat was on my head, it started whispering into my brain.

"Hm, we got a strange one today. You're smart, cunning, brave, but you have no idea what to think about yourself. I know just where to put you. GRYFFINDOR!" It yelled. I opened my a little bit and got of the stool. From the cheers from of the tables, I knew to sit there. Pretty soon the Sorting was done and I found George, but he had a twin brother, Fred.

"So that's what she meant." I muttered, walking up to him after class the next day. Uh, G-George?" He turned after laughing at a joke Fred said.

"Yeah?" I blushed and held out his wand

"Y-your m-mum wanted m-me to gi-give this to you." He looked at his brother and laughed. I blushed more and he took his wand out of my hand.

"Thanks, Ms. Stutterer." Fred, his brother, said. George laughed and I ran out the room, blushing like madly.

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