Dying Together

Three teenagers all fall into a coma after different incidences at the same time and are all brought to the same hospital. They all think they wake up, but when they open their eyes they see their body still laying on the cot, they see they're not really awake. No one else can see them, but they can see eachother. Together they must find out how to get themselves to really wake up, or if they even want to wake up at all. Written by me (StaceyCasey), babykaygurl, and RedGoneBlue. Enjoy :)

Chapter 3

Joel Nickson

by: Skyling





My alarm clock hit the floor at tremendous speed, shattering into impossibly small shards of wires, glass and batteries. That was the second clock this week; Paul was not going to be happy.
I didn’t care.

I tried to sit up. My head screamed abuse at me and I thudded heavily back into the pillow, groaning. I’d already broken rule one of avoiding hangovers: Stay drunk.

It was times like these you questioned even drinking in the first place. I’d only just managed to stumble out of that place last night before the police showed up. And that’s about all I remember.

I rolled painfully over, burying my burning face deeper in the thick blankets.

I hated my life.

The door slowly creaked open. The noise was like a gunshot to my ears. I groaned even louder.


My only response to the small voice was a bad-tempered grunt.

“Joely?” A few hesitant steps pattered across the floor, stopping at my bed. Tiny fingers brushed through a tangled mess of sweaty locks and placed themselves on my burning forehead, cooling it down almost immediately “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” I moaned.

That’s when I realised Kassie was carrying a plate of something. A strong waft of bacon and eggs hit my nostrils- my stomach flipped and churned. I pushed her quickly out of the way before spuing greenish vomit all over the tiles.

The only sound my little sister gave was a small sigh,

“I’ll clean that up.” The girl whispered, stroking my hair again.

“Where’s Paul?” I asked softly, feeling a little better, but my head was still throbbing.

“He’s in the Kitchen; he said that he doesn’t want to see you ‘in this state’.”

I gave a small scoff. More like he didn’t want to see me at all.

I decided that I’d have to get up eventually, like it or not. I’d promised to take Kassie to her first dance class of the summer, and I was supposed to be going out again tonight.

Once I’d dressed, stumbled down to the kitchen, possibly overdosed on Panamax and managed to avoid Paul for two and a half hours, my nine-year-old sister Kassie and I jumped into the car.

At least, she jumped, I just plonked heavily down onto the seat. It was too early in the morning to be jumping anywhere. I checked my watch, 11:20, Kassie was supposed to have be in class twenty minutes ago.
I sighed, turned the key and wrenched the old lemon into gear.

I had just turned sixteen, and so had only had my driver’s license for a few days. Having lived on a farm since I was a kid, though, I’d been driving since I could reach the pedals.

The car sputtered into life and careered backwards out of the garage. The back bumper scraped hard on the gutter, I yanked the steering wheel around roughly and sped down the quiet street.

Kassie was in the passenger seat beside me, humming something that sounded vaguely like a One Direction song. I rolled my eyes, she was totally obsessed with that boy band. And she was only nine.

Something buzzed in the back seat. It buzzed louder, a constant, throbbing buzz that was making my still slightly hung-over head ache. Suddenly I realised what it was.

“What’s that buzzing?” Kassie asked, irritated.

“My phone! Can you reach it?” I said, glancing over my shoulder, the buzzing continued.

I swerved wildly round the next corner, tyres screeching loudly on the damp bitumen.

“No.” Kassie was stretching her little arm as far as it would go, “I can’t reach, it’s right at the back!”

The constant buzzing was really annoying me now. With one hand still on the wheel, and one eye still on the road, I extended my other arm behind me, feeling around on the seat.


“I can’t find it!” I almost growled,

In one impulsive moment, I let go of the wheel, and swung my whole body around. In two seconds I had spotted the phone, grabbed it, and turned around just in time to see the corner in front of me.

I spun the car so hard that even Kassie gave a little shriek.

“Sorry!” I glanced at her.

She scowled. “Who’s the message from anyway? Let me have a look!”

“No!” I passed the small phone into the hand furthest from her, “It could be private.”

She stuck her tongue out at me. I flipped the phone open, holding it with both hands- my elbows on the wheel. It was from Carla, my girlfriend.

Joel it’s over. I’m breaking up with u

People say that hearts can’t literally break. But at that moment I felt some inside me crack and shatter. I just sat there staring at the message, reading it over and over.

I felt the steering wheel slip from my grip and the car beneath me veer to the side.

I was jerked back to reality a moment later by Kassie’s frantic yell. My eyes flicked upwards to see the car hurtling toward us, slam on its brakes, too late

I didn’t even have time to react. There was an instant lurch, the glass of the windscreen was shattered and we were jerked sideways and backwards at the same time. Airbags exploded at me from the front and side. The car rolled, I was thrown against the ceiling, the seatbelt cutting into my skin. As we flipped back upright, I saw Kassie’s mouth open in a scream of terror as the 4X4 smashed into our other side. Those memories were silent. As if the sounds were too terrible to remember.
They were.

Everything had been slowed down to half speed and- as if in third person- I saw myself being pulled from the wreck. The firemen laid me on a stretcher and tried to get me to lie still. Even though I could see how badly injured I was, I still fought against them, trying to get to the figure sprawled a few metres away.

There was still no sound.

I saw her open eyes staring emptily at the grey morning sky and her beautiful auburn hair spread out like an angel’s around her girlish face- her cold, girlish face.

I saw the paramedic holding a defibrillator against her chest. His mouth forming the word “Clear!”

Over and over he said it- the shocks jolting through her small body. The paramedic’s eyes were watering, he called the word out again and again.

But Kassie never moved.

I felt the world slipping away from me. My head was empty, my throat was tight. Kassie’s smiling face looked down at me from somewhere above, I tried to reach out to her. She was calling me.

But I kept falling. I tried to scream her name. My throat gurgled. I coughed hard. There were people everywhere around me. But their faces blurred and faded. There was only one face I wanted to see.

I let go.

And dropped into oblivion.

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