Dying Together

Three teenagers all fall into a coma after different incidences at the same time and are all brought to the same hospital. They all think they wake up, but when they open their eyes they see their body still laying on the cot, they see they're not really awake. No one else can see them, but they can see eachother. Together they must find out how to get themselves to really wake up, or if they even want to wake up at all. Written by me (StaceyCasey), babykaygurl, and RedGoneBlue. Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

The begining as told by Rainy

I sat at the table with my parents, silently eating breakfast. Dad was hiding behind his newspaper and mom was angrily stabbing her yogart with her spoon. Their marriage had been on the rocks for years, and I knew it. Just this morning they had been arguing in their bedroom over who should take me to my doctor's appointment this afternoon. They had forgotten that I didn't have a doctor's appointment until I reminded them. I had to remind them of a lot of things that were about me. Like I was actually sixteen, not eighteen like they had thought; that I went to the public school, not the private school in town; or when I had volleyball games or track meets even though the schedule for my games were on the fridge. It was tiring and hurt that my parents didn't really know me at all, but it had been my life for six years.

I often felt alone and unloved, but that didn't matter when I played volleyball or ran because not only was I good at it and it relieved me from the hurt. I became great at it, and people began to notice me. The popular kids at school even noticed me and soon I was a part of their group, adored and hated all at the same time. I enjoyed the attention, and forgot about my troubled home until I had to go back home.

I dramatically sighed and picked at my grapefruit. Swinging me feet back and forth. My mother looked at me and sighed.

"Rainy, must you make such a ruckus?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and stood up, excusing myself from the table. I put my fork in the sink and quickly ate the rest of my breakfast. My parents sighed in unison. The only thing they had in common these days was how annoying they found me to be.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I took it out. 'One new text message' it read. I opened it and read the message, it was from Scott. 'Come outside. Waiting for you.

"I gotta go. I'll be home tonight," I said to my parents.

"Wearing that?" Dad asked. I looked at my outfit I wore, a short skirt with a Drake t-shirt and black ballet flats on.

"Why are you trying to be my dad now?" I asked snappily before turning and walking out the door.

Waiting in my driveway was a blue truck. As I walked to the truck someone called to me.

"Hey Rainy!" Smiled a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes, he was tall and lean. He waved to me from the sidewalk.

"Hey Phillip," I mutter emberassed before getting in the truck. Hopefully Scott didn't notice my small and brief interaction with my nerdy next door neighbor.

"Hey Rainster," smiled the boy in the driver's seat, he was about average height and muscular. His hair was black and messy and his eyes a brilliant blue. I smiled.

"Hey, so where we going?" I asked as he pulled out of my driveway and sped down the road.

"Does it matter? You're in my car with me, right?" He asks in a rather rude and conceited voice. I silently nod my head as I bite my lip. He looks at me and sigbs, "I was joking Rainy. God, you can be such a prick sometimes. If you were a girlfriend, you would know better than to be so serious." I turn my head from him and roll my eyes as I look out the window. We ride in silence before he finally answers my question, "we're going to go pick up Brani before we head over to Dylan's house and chill with him and Kim before his party get's started."

"Oh," I say in reply, my feelings still hurt from Scott's earlier remark. He had a quick temper, but after that was a really nice to me. I think I like him and want to date him, but there was also the fact that I also didn't like how he picked on some kids.

We pulled into a driveway and out came a platinum blond girl, she was small and petite and got in the backseat of the truck.

"Hey guys!" She chirps happily and soon her and Scott are talking nonstop about something, he keeps turning to look at her and I grow uneasy as he keeps driving faster then what is safe. I watch the road ready to take the wheel from him any moment, but then I grow distracted when I see Dylan. I wonder who he is chasing when I look forward and there is another car, and a girl on our side of the road.

Scott can't decide whether to swerve out of the car's way and hit the girl, or to hit the car and hurt us. So he hits the brakes and the worst scenario happens.

The other car hits us head on and there is another thump! as Scott hits the girl and her body goes sailing through the air like a rag doll. My head slams against something hard and I feel something trickles down the side of my head as I can't tell the difference between up and down and my whole body is tingling as though I were being pricked by a thousand needles and then everything slowly turns black.

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