Dying Together

Three teenagers all fall into a coma after different incidences at the same time and are all brought to the same hospital. They all think they wake up, but when they open their eyes they see their body still laying on the cot, they see they're not really awake. No one else can see them, but they can see eachother. Together they must find out how to get themselves to really wake up, or if they even want to wake up at all. Written by me (StaceyCasey), babykaygurl, and RedGoneBlue. Enjoy :)

Chapter 17

Fall (Rainy's PoV)

I walk through the hall. Joel and Kim having gone to the zoo. I understood their need to find a way back to normal but, I honestly didn't like being left behind... then again, I didn't like the idea of being a third wheel.

I guess I'm just damned to be forever alone.

I sit on a bench, knowing I had told them I was going to see about the old man that Kim had pointed out, but I right now I felt like just sitting here.

Maybe if I just sit here and give up, maybe then I could finally die. I haven't had any visitors for a bit, and Phillip had even said his goodbyes to me, he said his dad wasn't allowing him to come see me any more.

So like I said, I'm just damned to be alone.

And it's my greatest fear coming true. I'm dying and no one cares. I could die any moment and my parents would only complain how much my funeral will cost. I am fading from everyone's memory. I left behind no great legacy other than being a great athlete. Maybe mattered enough t my track coach, perhaps she'll hold an annual meet in my honor. She'll most likely not. But I like the idea that I mattered enough to one single person who would fight to remember me.

I close my eyes as I sit outside of my hospital room. This darkness is my only friend, my only comfort. I let the swirling black wash over me like water encircling a diver. The loneliness pits in my stomach and mixes with my fear, but I try my best to ignore it. That fails though as it only builds as a ticking time bomb.

Soon I feel as though I'm falling and my mind screams at me to awaken, but I'm curious what would happen if I just let myself fall. I always had dreams like this when I wasn't in a coma and had often tried to see how far I could let myself fall before I grew to overwhelmed and woke up.

But not this time.

This time I let myself fall and fall. I can feel my heart in my chest beating. Beating. Beating.

Faster than a cheetah. Quicker than a hummingbird's wing. Quicker than the blink of an eye.

And suddenly my eyes flash open as I feel myself being shocked.

"Clear!" a man's voice yells and I'm shocked once more. The beep of a flatline beats to life as I have just been brought from nearly dying.

I had almost died. I almost died. I almost died. I almost died.

I. Almost. Died.


The words dance in my head and soon I sing them with joy. But I instantly stop as several things hit me at once.

One: what about Kim and Joel? What would become of them after I left?

I quickly shrug that one off, their happily together.

Two: do I really want to die?

And for this one I sit and sit, thinking and weighing the pros and cons.

Pros: I'm not wasting space, I don't have to be so afraid of being alone any more, I won't be possibly blind

Cons: no more music, no more listening to raindrops when it rains, or the smell that it leaves behind, I can say bye bye to the feels of my barefeet in the cool green grass, and the scent of fall when the leaves are freshly fallen.

As I continue to contemplate, I realize suddenly how much I will miss the small things. But I enjoyed them while I could,right? Maybe what awaits me in death is better.

But, I'm still not sure if I want to die or live. I'll have to think about it on my own, but for now, Kim and Joel wil never know I almost let myself die.

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