Shout Out To My Quibblo BFF's (New Chapter!!!)

Chapter 1


by: Gymdogs
(I got this idea from AL16) If your not on here, don't be sad. We just might not talk alot, an therefor I wouldn't know ou that well, but I'm sure your awesome!

Call_Me_Cat: Your so awesome! I love talking to you, cause your so awesome! You help me with so much stuff, and your always there for me. You are so amazing, and sweet! I trust you with all my heart, and your just amazing. Your have a sweet heart. Your not afraid to speak your heart out, and I like that!

Linde : Oh my goodness you are so awesome! I love talking to you and reading your stories. Your so kind and nice. Your amazing and sweet and nice and did I already say amazing? I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I'm glad we're past that! But you just an awesome person!

waiting_for_Kylina (I think that's how you spell the user name???): You are so sweet, and I love you!!! You so awesome, and there are like no words to explain you!!! Your just AMAZING!!!

HOLD_MY_HAND: You are absolutely amazing. I love talking to you, and I love you! You so awesome, and I think off you like sister. Love you Dear.

CrazyCait: Caitlin! Your one of my closest friends, and I love you bro! Your way to awesome for words, and for Christmas I'm getting you a Llama!!!!

CherryShine: I'm so happy were friends!!! Your just so awesome!!! I'm so happy you back, and your just AMAZING!!!!

HermioneGrangerWatson: I know we don't talk a lot, but I still think your really cool!!! Your really nice and sweet, and I'm so happy were friends!!

Songwriter4life: I know I don't know you that well, but Your awesome, and yeah...There's only one word the descibes you... MOSTAMAZINGPERSONEVER!!!
(Adding more later)

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