Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: Gymdogs
So last week I broke. I wanna to end my life, I wanted it all to end. But I then remembered why I was here, and how sad my friends would be. But I still was struggling, I still almost died. I still wanted to be in a better place. But before I did I remembered what my family would think. I was so close to fall off the edge. Hate me for this or not. But I thought about how God would view me. I remembered that I have struggles in my life, but other people go threw worse things than I do.

*"He basically hate you" those words repeated in my head. I couldn't take it. But I want to thank my amazing brother Michael, and my spectacular brother Matthew, for always being there for me. I know I could always go to Michael help. I told him everything, and he's my best friend. Matthew worried me sometimes, but I told him everything too. He always knows if I'm upset. No one except for you guys know that I've had thoughts about suicide. Or that I have depression.

So this is basically a thank you to my amazing brothers...

Michael: I love you, and I know in are pasts we used to not get along, and we never really talked to each other alot. But I'm so happy that were past that, and that we're so close! I'm so happy that we he along, and that we can talk to each other about everything!!! Love you!!!

Matthew: I love you, and I know we get on fights, and I know we both wish that we wouldn't fight anymore. But it still happens, I know we both went threw the same problems as kids, but I know we put that behind us. I love you, and I'm happy your my brother!!!!!!

Michael and Matthew, you guys are the best brothers on earth!!!!


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