when will i find my prince charming?

its abt whyy its so hardd to find that one guy or realll first realtionship. No matter how long it will take. it talks abt how in order to find and experience the good ones u must fight through the bad ones in order to get what u really want (;. not only does it talk abt how challenging it is it has humorous moments nd jokes abt relationships nd couples.

Chapter 1

i cant wait

Every day a new baby is born,.'Every day someone dies. Its the same thing as breakups and the beginning of new relationships. Why must it be a nonstop continues never ending pattern? Every day i see cute couples weather its on tv or at school or at the store (etc....Even when u dont see it u hear about it in school, ur favorite song on the raido or from friends. it makes u woder when will my time come? whether ur looking for ur first kiss ur first love or even ur first boyfriend''. Time or fate just doesn't want it or let it happen. one thing i do beliave their is someone ment for everyone out their. you just have to be willing to have the patience nd desire to find it................

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