I Don't Miss Him, I Miss Who I Thought He Was (Harry Styles Story)

Shall I continue?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Rolling over, I interrupted Harry.
"Ok, big boy." I giggled, "I think you've gone far enough." He sighed and moved over. He looked disappointed, and my expression dropped.
"I'm sorry." I trailed off. Harry sighed again and turned my face in his hands. He gave me a soft, nice kiss.
"Don't be, love. I'm sorry. Whenever you're ready, I'll be here." I wrapped my arms around his neck, and gave him another kiss.
"Mmh. You'll be my first." I said with a smile. Harry returned the smile, "and I'll be your first." I felt so great because Harry who was always flirting with people and acting like the little jumpy 18 year old that he was that he was, waited for me. He bit his lip and looked down awkwardly. I eyed him skeptically, feeling confused.
"Er, yeah." He replied, not meeting my eyes. "Sabrina?" he whispered.
"Yeah?" I said, feeling panicked.
"Promise that you'll always remember that you love me. That no matter what happens, we'll stay together." I breathed in, confused.
"I promise. I'll always love you."
Soon Louis was here and we were on our way.


"Oh my god...I look amazing." Gasping at my reflection in the mirror. Niall walks up behind me. I spin around with a smile on my face, "Well don't you just look amazing?" I say with a smile, shocked there isn't a food stain on his suit. He laughs.
"Thanks. Sorry I interrupted ya, Zayn won't stop staring at himself in the other mirror. Our laughs were interrupted my yelling in another room. We ran to see what it was.

"This is hell! I quit!" shouted Lucy, one of the makeup artists. Grabbing her bag, she ran through the door.
"Lucy!" Danielle shouted, chasing out after her. Everybody just stood there confused except Eleanor, who's arms were crossed.
"Er...Eleanor." I said, "what happened?"
"She was using her stupid seductive attitude all over Lou." She hissed. Eleanor was never the jealous type, so I was really confused.
"Luce has always had a little, erm, crush on Louis. She was acting quite flirtatiously and inappropriate, and that's when Eleanor pointed it out to Louis. Louis told her that she should behave herself and act professionally, and that he liked her, just not that way. Soo...she stormed off." I rolled my eyes and put my hands up in defeat.
"You all got too much drama goin on." Niall nodded in agreement.
"This isn't funny!" Zayn yelled, "She was supposed to come on tour with us!" They all portrayed their frustration.
"What about Lou?" Asked Niall.
"She can't bring Lux on a tour bus with us?!" Harry snapped. Danielle came back into the studio.
"She's gone. Said that she's sorry and hopes you guys find someone else. And Louis...she said that it's fine that you didn't like her like that, but the least you could've done was stood up for her." Louis, whose arms were crossed, frowned and looked at the floor, swaying back and forward.
"You guys'll find someone. Don't worry. Lets not bum out the mood, I'm ready to party." I grabbed Danielle and sat her down.
"Danielle, your makeup isn't done. Close your eyes."

In 7 minutes, I'd finished Danielle's makeup.
"Sabrina! It looks great!" She exclaimed. Harry put his hand on his chin.
"Hey! Why don't you be our makeup artist?" He said. Dumbfounded, I put the brush down.
"Umm I don't think so..." All the guys began to beg and finally, I agreed.
"Fine!" They all run over and give me a huge, sufficating hug.
"Yay! Yay! Yay!" Zayn picks me up and spins me around, before pulling me onto his lap to sit down. Harry stops cheering. Zayn and I begin to laugh.
"Oh beep up, Harry! You know, Zayn and I are like....brother and sister! Mwah!" I grab each side of his jaw like and give him a kiss on the cheek. Then Zayn grabs my face and gives me like a hundred kisses on my cheek.
"Hahaha," I laugh, trying to push his face with my hand to no avail. He smothers me, tackling me onto the couch.
"AH! Hahahaha, help!" I yell, as Zayn lays on top of me. Harry just stands there with an angry face. A really angry face, "Bro, you weigh like a 100 pounds more than me. Get the hell off." I grin at Zayn, and he stuck his tongue out before before rolling off. I got up and brushed my hair off. Harry still stood with a mad expression plastered onto his face. I walked up to him.
"Come on baby...there's nothing to be jealous of." I placed both my hands on his face.
"Are you gonna make it up to me?" He said cheekily. I gave him a big kiss and smiled.
"All better now?" He viciously nodded. Everyone in the room laughed.
About two hours later, the party was in full blast.

"Harry! I thought I'd see you here!" shouted a voice I wish I couldn't recognize. Harry and I turned on a heel, drinks in our hands.
"Delia, it's nice to see you again! Twice in one day!" Harry said, trying to sound happy but really sounds nervous. Of course, she was carrying a glass of wine.
"Sabrina! You look gorgeous...oh, I better back away. I see you've got a drink in your hands." She laughed at her own joke and flipped her hair. I sent Harry sideways glares when he laughed at her joke, too.
"You don't look so bad yourself." I said, attempting an obvious half-beep compliment.
"Thank you!" She replied, giddy as a southern bell. "Harry, do you want to dance?" my eyes bulged out a little bit, and bugged our even more when Harry said yes. Handing me his drink, they went and began to dance. Harry and Delia looked like they were having a lot of fun, so I decided to have some fun of my own. Rudely side-handing my glasses to a random waiter, I began to search for Zayn. When I found him, he was chatting it up with a pretty little redhead. Feeling sorry, I slid my hands around his waist from the back and dragged him away.
"Why are you mol-esting me?" He asked from in front of me.
"Sorry." I slurred into his ear as he tried to communicate with the redhead from across the room. Turning around, he looks annoyed. "I'm sorry! But I need you to help me." I pointed over to Harry and his he-beep almost grindin- against each other and Zayn nodded.
"Sooo....you're gonna use me?" my lips went in a straight line before nodding.
"Yup, pretty much." I replied, popping the "P."
"You're lucky I love you." He sneered. I laughed and pulled him near seeing-point for Harry and began to dance slowly with him.
"Zayn, help!" I whisper-shouted when I danced close enough to his ear.
"With what?"
"You're little Mr. Bradford Bad Boy, c'mon, show me how to make someone jelly!" Rolling his eyes, he pulled me closer.

We danced and danced for what seemed like hours. Every now and then Harry would look over and shoot daggers at Zayn.
"Your good at this." I told him. He closed his eyes and nodded. I looked over at Harry. His back was turned towards me. Hearing her giggle, I rolled my eyes. Giving Zayn a pat on the shoulder, I walked towards Harry. Getting closer, it
"Thanks kiddo." Finally approaching them, I turned Harry by his shoulder. He had a lipstick stain on his cheek. His eyes were pleading with mine, so I knew that he didn't do anything to cause such....tr-mpi-ness
"Excuse me, but I'd like my boyfriend back." Harry grinned, as Delia frowned.
"Only a few more minutes? Please?" She begged, pouting. I get in real close to her face, feeling a beep coming on.
"He's my beep-ing boyfriend, not a video game. Don't be such a-"
"Only a few more minutes." Harry interrupted, walking over and grabbing her hand. He shot me a Just Chill! look. My boyfriend just left me to dance.
I was beyond pissed.

After another hour, I'd left. If I thought I was pissed then....my anger is beyond human possibility. I could take out the whole Earth and not be satisfied. The taxi driver was beyond creepy. When he asked if I was married, I'd had enough and just jumped out of the cab. Not realizing how far I was, I had to walk about the last 10 blocks. Basically a mile.
It took 30 minutes in spandex panties.
I was extremely cold and very angry. On last 2 blocks a mixed looking male, very handsome with light green eyes, light brown skin, and a tall, strong build. He started to walk on my left and began chatting me up. I tried to avoid making eye contact my looking at the street.
I saw a black Acura zoom past. I recognized an attractive black quiff through the window, and a less attractive swerve of brown, but it couldn't be who I thought it was. It was a busy street, and the car stopped on a red light. Guess I'd find out.
"Hollis." The man said, giving out a hand. Seeming friendly enough, I shook it.
"Carrie." I replied, deciding to give him my middle name. Didn't know him that well. He laughed.
"A pretty girl certainly wouldn't be roaming the streets of London without a reason." I chuckled at his remark. Looking at him, he smiled.
"Running from a beep-bag." He nodded.
"I don't understand why anyone would leave you in the dark. The city's a dangerous existence, little lady." Grinning at his pathetic but charming joke, I rolled my eyes.
"Please. You're a cutie." I stated, joking. He wrapped his arm around me. Shifting uncomfortably, I tried to move the arm off.

Too far was when I felt his lips on my ear. Kicking my heels off, in a blink of an eye I made a run for it.

"Hey!" He hollered, grabbing my hair. I screamed out in pure terror. Slapping and kicking with my hair flying, I ran. The Acura was still at the red light. Should I? What if it's not him? What about/......him?/
It was worth a try.

"ZAYN!" I yelled out, more afraid then I'd ever been. "ZAYN! ZAYN!" The rough winds were ripping my purple Diane von Furstenberg jacket from NY right off. "ZA-ZAYN!" I yelled in a whine, choking on my own terrified tears.
"B-BEEP!" Hollis screamed, close behind me. I felt him grab my shoulders and drag me back. Sobbing out loud, screaming, I could see a figure stick their head out the window of the black vehicle.
"Zayn!" I choked through the gross, warm tears and saliva. "Hollis" began to drag me backwards, wrapping his arms around my neck and a hand on my mouth. I bit it and kicked, to no avail.
The last thing I saw before getting pulled into the dark alley was the silhouette of the only person who could save me jump out of a black Acura.

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