I Don't Miss Him, I Miss Who I Thought He Was (Harry Styles Story)

Shall I continue?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Harry, I hate winter." I stated. He rolled his eyes and smiled.
"Because," I looked at my outfit [http://www.polyvore.com/nandos/set?id=51682086], "I can't dress up nicely! I look like the most boring fraking girl in the world! Even Eleanor and Danielle dress up nicely in the winter. I look like I'm 21!" He walks over to me and picks me up.
"A very sexy 21 year old..." He winks. I laugh and roll my eyes.
"Doesn't that make me a cougar?" Harry grins and kisses my cheek.
"YES!" I roll my eyes again. I bend down to be level with him in my heels with a funny seductive look on my face.
"Then you have to get me neutered or else I might make little cougar kitties with Dusty." I run to the mammal.
"Won't I, Dusty? Won't I?" cuddling with the little girl.
"NO! DUSTY!" He jumps up to his feet, and grabs the little cutie away from me.
"NO! MY SOULMATE!" I chase him around the penthouse in hope I will rescue Dusty. Instead, I fell on my big arse. Boom.
"Haha hahaha," I continually laughed out load not being able to stop. Harry was laughing at me as well, then half climbed onto me, "My arse is huge." He smiled.
"Good-I mean whaaat?" Rolling my eyes, I gave him a kiss. He kissed back, and we ended up just kissing for a little bit. I felt his hand slide up my shirt when the door swung open. Knowing it was Niall, Harry and I ignored it.
"Mmm-come in." I answered between kisses. Niall coughed in the doorway. Harry took the kiss a step further and shooed Niall away. He coughed again, and I could hear a tiny laugh escape his mouth.
Now that Harry was fully lying above me, I lifted my head giving an open position at my neck while I happily whispered in his ears,
"I bet you like my bracelets, don't you, Harry?" He turned his head and laughed at me with a grin on his face. I felt our shirts come off. Niall, who was probably still standing in the doorway, coughed and stamped his foot. But it sounded like a.....I looked at Harry, who's eyes were directed towards the doorway with a shocked and worried look on his face. In the doorway stood Anne. We both jumped up,
"Um...hi mum." Harry greeted Mrs. Styles in an awkward voice.
"Hi Mrs. Styles...I like your shoes?" Trying to save my tarnished reputation, I complimented her. She crossed both her arms and smiled.

"Next time, you both should try to be more private." I smiled at her and Harry chuckled awkwardly. "But it's not as bad as the time I caught you guys when you were 16. Every mother's nightmare." Harry and I exchanged looks of embarrassment and picked up our shirts.

"I just came to drop this off...since I won't be here." She gently dropped a box on the floor. Then she waved and walked out the door.
"Not It" "Not It" I beat him to it. Harry ran over and opened it. A grin crawled onto his face before he closed it and placed it in the closet somewhere. There was a knock on the door, followed by a pause and more endless knocks.
"I'll get it!!" I shouted, running to the door.
"Sabrina!" Harry called, but I ignored him and swung open the door.
"Hi Niall!" He looked at me, opened his mouth, and began to speak before blushing and laughing out loud, "Wha-?" A pillow was thrown at my midriff from the next room. I looked down and yelped. Shutting the door in Niall's face, I started laughing and put my shirt back on.

Niall sat on the couch and looked at my shirt, "That's not any better. Look at 'em seashells." I smiled.
"Yeaahhhhh." I replied, "so lets go."

"Harrrryyyy," I slurred, sipping the hot chocolate which has now gone warm, "can we just take it to go?"
"Well, if you want to?" He replied confused.
"We could just go to the cinema or watch a movie or go to an amusement park or something after we eat."
"YES." Niall agreed, mouth full of the food in the to-go boxes.
As we were walking out the door with Harry's arm around me, we hear a high-pitched voice call one of us.
"Harry?" Says the voice, "Harry!" In sync all three of us spin around to see a girl. Extremely short with a chest too big for her small body, she flipped her short, straight chocolate hair, her blue eyes stared into Harry's green ones. Everything in me turned to stone, I immediately felt insecure and angry.
"How have you been?" She asked, scribbling something down on a piece of paper.
"Oh, Delia. Good, good." Harry replied awkwardly. He gulped, "Er-how about you?"
"Oh, me? Everything's amazing. Had some fun yesterday, but I had more fun out with you." Another awkward chuckle and crooked grin crept onto Harry's face as he tried to be polite. "Oh don't try to pretend you didn't have fun!" Before the conversation went to far, I cleared my throat, "Hello! You must be Harry's cousin, Sabrina." Being a woman this young, I'd known she must've read something on the internet or the tabloids, and perfectly fine recognized me as Harry's girlfriend.
"His cousin?" I repeat, turning to Harry with a wide eyed, seemingly curious smile on my face even though I was bubbling inside. My body was stone all over, as I just intensely stared at the nothingness in the distance inside my head.
"Yeah!" She cooed, smiling. "He went on about how your great, and loads of fun and all, but how he just needed a more serious, bubbly girl who was always happy to stick with. Being a veteran of the nightlife, I showed him around and-"
"Veteran of the nightlife? Are you even legal to drink, you look like you're 15." My words came out too quickly as a continuously stared blankly away, feeling the other's eyes on me. Oh shit.. I heard Niall whisper, laughing.
"Oh, haha! Babyface!" She jokes in a bubbly attitude.
"No-um, Delia...this is my girlfriend. I do-uh-recall telling you that later in the night." I felt the grasp on my shoulder grow tighter, which gave some relief.
"Oh! Silly me, I must've forgotten. Point was, I called you over just to say hi and that if you ever wanna hang out again, you can call me." Grinning at Harry with a motive written all over her face, she enclosed the scratch paper with he number in his hand.
"Wha-oh yeah, totally." Harry replied, sounding confident and cheeky, which created speculations in my head. Before Delia could exit Nandos, I called for her. Finally moving from the stone expression, I turned and walked towards her, cupping my hot chocolate in both hands which created an oval shape for the cup.
"I just wanted to say, that is a lovely dress," Eying the short dress and high heels she decided to wear in the winter. Spring may start next month, but it is still beyond cold out, "it looks expensive! But aren't you cold?" Before she could open her mouth and respond, I cut her off at the giggle, "I believe I know a way to warm you up."

Delia had hot chocolate trickling down her body. She's never been more embarrassed in her life. Feeling stickiness all over her toned body, she decided to put her bubbly face back on. For Harry.
"Oh, gosh." She reacted, glaring at Sabrina while keeping a shocked smile on her face, "Well that did indeed warm me up. Oh, my, my, there's hot chocolate trickling where hot chocolate shouldn't be trickling!" Wiping herself down, she made a beeline for the door. "Goodbye Harry!" she shouted on the way out.

Spinning with satisfaction, I high-fived Niall as he pulled me into a backward hug, both of us laughing our heads off.
"Why don't you cover yourself in hot chocolate for me?" Harry complained. Shooting him a look, the cheeky look on his face wiped off.
"You," pointing a finger at Harry, "have a lot of explaining to do." Grabbing the to-go containers of food from Niall, we walked through the door.

After watching a ton of movies and eating ourselves stuffed, Niall left back for his place. Spreading myself across the couch, I began to relax. Didn't last too long because Harry came rolling over the top of the couch and falling onto the ground. I smiled at him and rolled off the couch so I was laying on top of him.
"You're stupid." I said with a giggle. He just gave the infamous silent Harry Styles smile. I leaned down and gave him a kiss. We kept kissing until something vibrated between us. Starting at his neck, I reached between and grabbed his phone. Harry grabbed it and answered.
"Hey Liam," He said as I just continued to kiss at his neck, "Yeah, we're-mhhm-good." I heard a laugh on the other side of the phone as Harry tried desperately to suppress a subjective moan. Pulling at the ends of his shirt, I began to pull it higher before he stopped me.
"Whoa are you serious? Really? Yeah! Yeah, thats amazing. We'll be there soon, for sure. Bye. Love you." I looked up at him with a pouty face.
"Well what was that about?" I questioned, crossing my arms over his chest.
"Up All Night sold 2 million copies on iTunes yesterday. Uncle Simon wants One Direction to throw a party." I clap for them, they worked hard for the success they earned and really deserve it.
"That's great! You guys worked hard for the success, you really deserve it." I give him a nice kiss, "That's my way of saying that I'm proud of you."
He smirks. "What's your way of saying Congratulations?" Grinning back, I replied,
"Maybe you'll find out later."
"Maybe I will..." He wraps his arms around me.
"Well, go get ready!" Harry bites his lips. Then he flashes a sweet and sincere smile.
"You go get ready?" I hop off him.
"You really are stupid. This is a One Direction thing! Which means you all need to be dedicated to each other. Not your girlfriends." He rolls his eyes.
"Liam's bringing Danielle, Lou is bringing Eleanor, and Zayn is bringing Niall!" Laughing out loud, I thank him and decide to go find something to wear.
"Sabrina!" He calls. I turn around. "You don't need makeup." Raising an eyebrow, I open my mouth to finish the line but he starts before me. "We've got people for that." I hold in all my laughter while giving him a skeptical look. "I mean....you're too beautiful for that. Duh!"

"Harry!" I scream his name, "I need help!" He runs into the room.
"Yes?" Turning around so I'm face front with the mirror, I ask him a favor.
"Could you please zip me up?" I say, resisting the urge to grin at him. Instead I wink, and I feel his arms slip through the dress and wrap around my stomach. Putting his head on my shoulder, we both stare at ourselves in the mirror.
"It looks better unzipped." He jokes in an attempt to flirt. Raising my eyebrows, I smile and reply,
"Oh, yeah. I'm sure other guys will think so, too, don't you think?" I joke, turning around to stare at my backside. His face turns stony and protective.
"So I was zipping it up?" He changes the subject, spinning me by my shoulders.
"But I don't want to..." Harry whispers. He once again slips his arms through my dress.
"Harry," I groan. "There's no time. Louis'll be here in 10." He smirks.

"Oh that's plenty of time..." I giggle as he falls on top of me onto our bed...

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