I Don't Miss Him, I Miss Who I Thought He Was (Harry Styles Story)

Shall I continue?

Chapter 10

Chapter Seven

"Can we go to Liam's?" I begged.
"What, why?" Harry asked.
"Yeah, Liam doesn't have enough food." Niall said. I rolled my eyes.
"1)After we eat. 2)Because it's cute, and homie. 3)Only you would notice Niall. Only you would notice." The other boys laughed. Louis and Zayn put on their "thinking faces."
"Well I think that's a good idea." Niall agreed.
"Weren't you just complaining about the food capacity there?" Louis argued.
Niall rolled his eyes. "Well now that we are already going somewhere else to eat!" Louis slapped him, and soon they were in a hissy fight. Niall grabbed Zayn and soon they were all fighting. Liam at the drivers wheel rolled his eyes. I took this opportunity to tap Harry on the shoulder, and climb in the back. Thank god the trunk was empty. Harry looked at me with a confused grin. I probably looked strange, bouncing in the back while squatting over. I made a signal with my finger for him to come. His eyes widened, and he jumped into the back, kicking Lou while coming down.
"Ouch!" I said as Harry clumsily fell over me.
"Erm sorry." He replied. I kissed his nose.
"It's all good." Harry smiled, but then fake pouted.
"Just the nose?" He asked in a sad voice. I giggled and leaned to his ear.
"Wherever you'd like, love."
Harry's head snapped up and I winked at him. His eyes were practically bulging out of his head.
"Marry me." He whispered before quickly smacking both his abnormally large hands to my face and crashing my lips to him. I kissed for a small while before pushing off from his chest.
"'Marry you?" I exclaimed, with a doubtful grin on my face.
"Yeah, marry me! You're perfect!" Harry said excitedly.
"I'd love to be Mrs. Styles." I said in a baby voice, kissing his nose again. He winked.
"We'll I hope your expecting a proposal in the far future." I had no time to respond before a familiar voice jumped in.
"Proposal!" Louis Tomlinson shouted from up in the normal area of the car where the humans would sit.
"Yes, Loubear! A proposal!" Harry declared loudly.
"Finally! Yes, of course, absolutely Harry!" Louis cheered.
Time to make my appearance.
I rose up from below Harry and crossed my arms. Louis quickly stepped down. Grinning at my triumph, I flung my arms around Harry's neck and brought him down with me.
"You're--so--gorgeous." I said between kisses and tiny breaths. He laughed.
"I've-seen-better." He replied, and we obviously would continue speaking between lip locks and gasps for air.
"Oh yeah..like who?" I asked, before giving Harry the biggest, most passionate kiss ever. He looked like he was about to say something, but his eyes just rolled into the back of his head and he melted into it.

These are the moments I crave privacy.
"Oi Liam! Harry's makin' babies in the back of your car!" Louis shouted. The car quickly swerved to the side and stopped, sliding Harry and me all over.
"Harry." Liam started. "Yes, daddy" "...don't be too loud." The whole car burst out laughing, and Harry took the opportunity to make his way up my legs with his hand. I giggled.
"Hahaha-No." I moved his hands from me as he pouted. Turning over, he wrapped his arms around me and we cuddled. I felt an acute pain surge through my stomach when Harry squeezed me, and I let out a yelp. His arms loosened.
"I didn't mean to hurt you-" He started, but I cut him off.
"No, you didn't. Healing cut." I explained rather apologetically. Harry grabbed my shoulder and lied me down.
"It's nothing." I told him, but we both knew very well it wasn't nothing. Harry placed a finger under my chest and pressed down. He ran the finger down my stomach until he was pressing at my cut and I winced.
"You're a horrible liar." He said, before lifting my dress to reveal the developing scab across my midriff. Harry ran his finer over it. "This where he cut you?" He asked quietly.
"I don't wanna talk about it." I replied, looking away.
"We're going to have to sometime." I nodded as Harry said it.
"I know it's just...I don't want to right now, okay?" Harry nodded. "Who deserves a kiss?" I asked, trying to brighten the mood.
"Me?" He smiled hopefully.
"You got it." I grinned and kissed him again.

Once we'd made it to our destination, everybody jumped out of the car.
"First one there chooses appetizer!" Niall shouted.
I burst into a sprint, but not for long. Somebody grabbed my waist and brought me close.

"Meet me at the car in 10." Harry whispered. I smiled and nodded. He let go, and I ran trying to at least be the third person to the table.
"Got here first!" Liam shouted. Zayn and I pouted.
"Ugh don't pick something nasty." I cooed. We all began to sit in the booths. Harry and Zayn both patted spots next to each other; I scooched over near Zayn, smiling at him. Harry frowned.
"I've missed you!" I said in a baby voice, squeezing either side of his face. Harry rolled his eyes. Zayn kicked his foot under the table. "Prick!" I teased, "Mate, Zayn and I look like family! Don't we, Liam?" Both Zayn and I flashed full smiles with our chins up and eyes closed.
"Um hi, could we please get 3 orders of your cheese chips please?" Liam said, ignoring us.
"You know I heard they call chips fries in America. I like that better. Makes more sense. They're fried, why not call them fries?" The whole table looked at me strangely. I rolled my eyes and looked at the clock.
I've decided to tell the boys I was going to the bathroom. I'll wait until after the fries. I have breath mints anyways.
"I have a new favorite song." Niall said.
"And what would that be?"
"Omg Niall your crazy." I said. The guys all rolled their eyes. Liam put a hand on his shoulder and nodded in approval.
"Nice choice." He complimented. "
How about you, Sabrina? What's your favorite song?"
"Um...I'm currently obsessed with Some Nights." I received mix reviews from the table. Liam just nodded, unaware of the song. Louis and Niall gave me thumbs up, while Zayn and Harry ew-ed.
"Some nights I stay up, cashin' in my bad luck. Some nights I call it a draw.." I sang with Niall and Lou.
"That actually sounded pretty good." Harry complimented.
"Why thank you." I replied.
"Yeah I didn't know you could sing." Niall said.
"I can't." I lied.
"Shut up." Louis said.
"You guys-"
"Three orders of cheese fries, and some water for everyone-on the house." The waitress came over with our food. Saved my life.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go to the bathroom." I told them. They all nodded and just ate off their plates. Hehe :3 as if I was going to the bathroom. Harry, however, looked up at me. I raised my eyebrows before leaving. As I walked towards the direction of the bathroom, I circled through the other table rooms and exited. Today was one of the days we parked on the emptier side. I waited about 4 minutes, then Harry got here.
"Took you long enough." I joked.
"But I'm here now." He grinned, and reached out for my waist.
"Good." I smiled, and laughed as he leaned in to kiss me. He pushed me up against the side of the car.
"In a car, Harry?" I whispered. He shook his head.
"No way in hell. You're above that." He told me. I grinned, then a thought donned upon me.
"Um..then where?" Harry grinned at me and quickly ran. I followed him around the restaurant and Harry's car was parked right there.
"Had someone come and drop it off for me."
I grinned at him and jumped in. "Stupid." he frowned.
"Well after all this hard work, the only thing you can do is call me a name? How disappointing." Harry sat back with his arm crossed. I leaned over and kissed his cheek.
"You're stupid sometimes, but I love you for that." He shook his head. I slid my finger from his cheek down his neck and stopped at his shoulder. "I'm sorry." I said. Harry looked at me and smiled.
"Apology accepted." He answered. I gave him little kisses on the cheek as he started the car.

"They're going to nice we're gone." I told Harry once we'd been driving for 10 minutes.
"Don't worry, we're nearly there!" He grabbed my free hand. "This is someplace special. I promise." Sighing, I sat back and turned the radio on. "As long as you love me, love me, love me" I sang along to one of my favorite songs, but couldn't focus.
"Where are we going?"
"What place?"
"Where though?" I whined. Harry looked at me and rolled his eyes.
"Somewhere I used to go a lot."
"That doesn't help at a-" I stopped talking when I saw the little Cheshire sign.
Harry smiled at me. "Do you remember that tree house I used to have, like 5 minutes away from here?" "No way!" I shouted. He laughed.
"Well, I haven been there in a while and I thought you'd like to come-"
"Oh my gosh Harry! I love you so much I even can't wait till we get to the tree house!" Harry looked over at me and started breathing a little more.
"Don't tease me!" He whined.
"You're the most gorgeous boy I've ever seen, Harry Styles." I squeezed his hand and he smiled at me.
"I've seen better." he recited.
"Shut up." I said in disbelief. "You're a liar."
"I'm not lying I swear."
"Yes you are. There's absolutely no better guy then you out there. There will never be anybody as funny and cheeky and amazing. And I'd die before losing you."

The smile plastered across Harry's face was so genuine it brought me to tears.
Well, it brought me to a tear.
But it was a happy one.

"Does that mean you'll live forever?" He asked me with the smile still plastered on his face. I laughed and smiled from ear-to-ear.
"I guess it does." I said and squeezed his hand. The next song on the radio was one that we were both familiar with.
"I've tried playing it cool...but when I lookin' at you, I can't ever be brave. Cuz you make, my heart race."
I screamed out at the top of my lungs and opened the windows, turning the volume all the way up. Harry rolled his eyes and began to blast out the lyrics with me. At the red light, we got 7 different people telling us to be quiet in 7 very different ways...

"This place hasn't changed at all." Harry said, climbing off of the small ladder and opening the door, walking in.
"Yeah. Looks pretty intact for me." I replied, looking around. The first time I had came here, was after a week of dating Harry.
He'd brought me up here, and it was such a nice a nice day outside. I think he'd brought in a little, battery powered Bunsen burner. We made s'mores, and it was the first time we'd hugged. I think Harry hugged me because he was so worried I had hurt myself. The ladder climb was kinda tall, and there were a bunch of branches on the ground and everything. I was staring at my blonde-ish hair, which i hat straightened and highlighted green in some parts. I used to think it was the cutest thing. Harry came rushing down, nearly falling a bunch of times. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down, on the verge of bursting into laughter. He'd jumped down and like hovered over me, asking if I was 'ok' so many times. He was so nervous, and I hated admitted it, but Harry was one of those funny awkward children in our class. He was a bit geeky, and I was that one pretty girl that everybody liked. He'd asked me out, and I thought he was just the most adorable thing and couldn't help but saying yes. Gosh, how time flies by. "Hey remember when I fell off the ladder?" I asked him, picking up small ornaments from the shelves. He laughed from behind me.
"Yeah, I was so scared. I swear, the only thing going through my mind was 'Oh my gosh Harry you've only had her for a week and already killed her." I laughed out loud and walked towards the little chair. My eyes caught on a little, silver object.
"Harry its your Bunsen burner." I told him, picking up the little object and shaking it. Harry looked over and smile.
"Yeah, I remember that. Wonder if the batteries still work." I shrugged, and actually flicked the switch. The fire singed my hair and I laughed.
"Looks like it." I said. "Got any graham crackers?" I grinned. He picked up a box of graham crackers, some chocolate, and a couple of marshmallows that were set out on the table. I raised an eyebrow at him. "And how did these get here?" I asked. Harry made a cheeky face.
"I kinda had a little help..remind me to thank Gemma later." I bit my lip.
"Well then, if you'd oh-so-effortlessly hand them over.." I reached out, but he moved them. I made a crazy face and looked at him in shock.
"There are other things that need to be attended to first.." Harry said and began walking over to me. I giggled and walked backwards facing him. I kept walking until my back hit an empty wall. Harry made pretty damn sure that our noses would touch, but not our lips.
"You hungry?" He asked seductivly. I gulped and nodded. He leaned in and gave me a kiss.
Wrapping my legs around his, we advanced onto the sofa he'd brought in. A sofa in a tree house. Lady's and Gentlemen: Harry Styles.
He collapsed down with his hands around my waist. I ran my hands down his arms and intertwined our fingers once I got there. His hands slid down to my bum, hoisting it up a tiny bit. The room felt a whole lot hotter. And not only because I was kissing Harry Styles.
Looking around with the corner of my eye, I realized I'd left the Bunsen burner on.
Oh well.
Harry pressed down on the small of my back and it arched up. His hands within the same second flew up my shirt and pulled it off. I was tugging on the bottom of his v neck when he stopped suddenly. I looked at him funny.
"Is everything ok?" I asked.
"Peachy keen." He replied. "Just remembered out anniversary is in 3 days."
"Love you." I told him.
"Love you too." He replied, before removing his own shirt.
It was going to be a long afternoon alright.....

"I want to visit my parents." I said after a long while of heavy breathing. We were both wrapped tight in the emergency blanket he kept in a drawer.
"You're so hot, I love you." He breathed, still in the time of the past events that had just occurred.
"Like, I really want to see them. We haven't talked in so long, and now that we're back in town it'll be so easy."
Harry was probably ignoring everything I had just said, because he started to kiss my cheek and jaw line. "It's really horrid of me, actually. As their only daughter, going away at 18 to live with her popstar boyfriend. Barely calling or visiting. Nearly three hours away. It's just so--Oh Harry!" I breathed as he bit down softly on my neck, and I already knew there would be red spots everywhere. I looked at him. "You with me?" He nodded, and continued to kiss my neck. "Sometimes it's just..I don't know. They've probably - mhhh...They-they-they've probably missed me so much." I finally got out between shivers and swallowed noises.
"I bet so." Harry replied, kissing between my chest and down to my stomach.
"I mean, you're so great with your mom. And I bet Christopher and Emmaline misses me, too." I hadn't talked to Christopher or Emmaline in so long. We've tweeted back and forth a little bit, but even that hasn't happened in weeks. Christopher is my older brother...by 2 years. He looked similar to me. Blue/purple looking eyes, but he had darker hair. I really missed him. Emmaline is the oldest, she had a whooping 9 years over me. Emmaline got married 3 years ago, and now has a little toddler named Cooper Reed Hamilton.
Once Harry had tried to advance past my belly button I lifted his head level with mine.
"Let's go visit them." Harry's eyes bulged out of his head.
"Now?" He exclaimed.
"Yes! You honestly didn't think we we're going to do this twice in the same hour, did you?" I asked, dumbfounded. He turned a shade of pink and bit his lip, looking down. "Harry Styles, you are one fidgety boy." He grinned in embarrassment.
"Now, let's get our clothes back on." He said, climbing off. I felt my body chill quickly. Even with the Bunsen burner, he was my warmth source. I didn't get up. "Are you gonna put you clothes on or....?" I rolled my eyes and jumped off the sofa, giving him a kiss. Smiling, I pulled my clothes back on and climbed down the ladder.
"Coming?" I called at the first step.
"Yes, love!" Harry called back. I smiled and started to climb down. Left, right, left, right. I recited in my head. I stepped with my left foot, but very quickly I felt all my body weight switch to one side, and I fell off the latter.
How ironic.

Slamming my body on the branches and grass, I shut my eyes, trying to keep calm. After my head started banging, I felt like laughing.
"Are you okay down there, love?" Harry shouted.
"Peachy keen." I imitated. Opening my eyes, I saw him hurriedly climbing down the ladder. I noticed his footing, he skipped the bar that caused my fall. That would've been a nice piece of advice to receive, Harry.

"Haven't even married her and I've already killed her." He said, hovering above me. I smiled, but it hurt my head. I held out my hands for him to help me up with. Harry grabbed them and flung me up.
"Let's go visit the Phillip family." I said.

My eyes started to burn as I approached the traditional, brick red home I grew up in. Gosh, so much had changed since I'd last visited. I've changed so much. Walking forward, I picked the gate like I always used to when I didn't want to get caught if I'd sneak out by opening it and activating the porch light. As I took my few steps forward, I heard the familiar screech of the closing gate, and I knew Harry was only a footstep behind me. Before I could even knock, the sound of 3 loud and different barks came near. I turned to see my 3 Labradors: Sparkee, Mai, and Bud. Sparkee was a black, female Labrador. Mai was also a female, but she was white. And Bud was the oldest, a male, chocolate Labrador. I dropped down on my knees and petted all three of them furiously, as they all happily licked me.
"Yow!" Harry yelped, and jumped back. I turned and started laughing my ass off at him.
"Are you seriously telling me-"
"Yes, I hate dogs. That's why I have my pussy, Dusty." I smiled at him and bit my lip. Standing up, I pulled on his arm and made him kneel down with me, face level with my babies.
"Pet them. They're great, I swear." He looked at me and shook his head.
"Please? For me?" I begged. Harry stared at me apologetically, and still shook his head. I pouted, disappointed.
I really wanted him to like my dogs.
He obviously noticed, because he held out his hand and petted Mai. She shook her head happily. Moving on to Sparkee, she licked his hand and looked satisfied.
Harry looked at me, then back to Bud. "Come on, you're getting there." He bit his lip, and slowly reached out a hand to scratch Bud's head. Bud didn't move, so I assumed he liked Harry. "See! Wasn't that hard, now was it love?" I asked.
"I thought it was pretty hard." He joked, and winked at me. I laughed in his face and cooed ew's.
"You nasty little boy." I insulted before leaning in and giving him a kiss. The second our lips met, Bud started barking loudly and jumping around hectically. Harry yelled and jumped back, but I just flinched seeing I was immune to their sudden outbursts.
"Bloody hell," He breathed, "calm your dog down." I rubbed her head, and threw the familiar tennis ball sitting it the back around the corner of my house, causing the Labradors to run.
"I think you were closing in on his territory." Harry threw his arms in the air.
"My territory!" He exclaimed. "That dog needs to lay of my baby!" He yelled dramatically. I couldn't help but chuckle, even though he looked like this was going to be a war. I leaned in for a kiss as the front door swung open.
"Now what is all this chaos!" I heard a familiar voice call up. She looked down at the kneeling teenagers in her lawn, and her mouth dropped. I stood up and dusted my self off.

"Mum!" I ran over and gave her a hug. She picked me up a tiny bit.
"Darling! I've missed you so much, my goodness! Where have you been?" I laughed and wiped her eyes, which were now letting tears fall. Now I know where I get my emotional attitude from.
"I've been great mum. I've been really great." I smiled and turned to Harry.
"Is that him?" She whispered. I nodded.
"Oh my goodness, Harry love! You've grown so much, you look like a man! Come here!" She opened her arms. Harry laughed and blushed before walking over and giving mum a bear hug.
"It's been a while. You look great though." Harry said, winking at her. Mum laughed out and raised her eyebrows before pulling away and fluffing her clothes back down.
"You haven't changed too much, now have you.." She whispered to herself.
I nudged Harry and gave him a thumbs up.
"Are you going to come in or lounge at the front door all day, lovelies?" My mum asked. I smiled. Harry and I both took two steps into my childhood home.

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