Not very important... if you'd like!

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
If you are reading this, I thank you for letting me use some of your time! I'd like to ask you some questions & please answer as honestly as possible, you won't be judged by anyone & I will take anything as a way to make me better! :D

1. What is my nickname(s) from you?
Can be anything you want, even if you just made it up! I don't mind at all what you call me, but if you know my real name...Well, let us not spoil! XD

2. What do you think of me?
Childish? Kind? Annoying? Anything at all!

3. Do I suck at being a: Friend? Story-writer? Drawer?
Me need honesty... :)

4. Would you like to ask a question?
Rhetorical! Ask anything & I shall try to answer!

Thanks for answering, seeing & commenting! You guys are all awesome! ^_^


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