Seek out the huntress (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

This is a story about Skylar Lunasa or Sky for short.
She is a huntress but she's only a teenager- she obviously falls for a boy and shows she is not as loyal to Artemis as she thought she was.

Warning: This story is not going by the books exactly, so please don't lose patience or correct me. You've been warned before hand. :)

Chapter 26

It hurts but it was the truth.

After what felt like hours, I finally stopped my crying. I couldn't let the past ruin my future. I didn't want that. I knew now that my future was with Apollo now. He requested it and now I sat here in his arms, immortal.
I looked at him but he didn't look back at me. He looked bitter, mad.. regretful?
"You hated me. You didn't like that I saved you," he said pained. He still didn't look at me.. and for the first time I really did see tears swimming in his crystal blue eyes.
I shook my head. "I didn't hate you, but I wasn't.. Happy." I closed my eyes in frustration but the images came back and I quickly opened them again. "I had been with Artemis for.. Gods. I can't remember.. Two years? And in those two years I wasn't truly happy. I felt like I didn't belong with them. When the cyclops was chasing me and he mimicked Nico's voice.. I knew I didn't belong with them. I really wasn't ever fond of my own life. I was hurt a lot in my life.. I didn't want that any more. When I was falling, I almost felt relieved. I no longer would have to deal with monsters, and everything else like that. But you caught me," I finished.
"Are you still mad?" he asked hurt.
"No," I said mad that he would ask such a question. "I'm truly happy now." I meant it too. When Apollo asked me on that first date, my heart warmed a little to him. But then when he tried to kiss me.. I felt odd. In a good way. "Artemis!" I gasped. "What will she think of.. us?" I asked unsure.
Apollo shrugged. "I'm sure she'll be fine. I mean, she does always want me to be happy, and I too am happy here with you," he said taking my hand. I felt a spark.. But that could be the fact that Zeus used his master bolt on me!
"Want to go outside? It is a beautiful day out there," he asked me getting off the bed. He seemed relieved that I was happy now. I'm just glad he didn't actually cry.. I mean.. I have never thought of a God actually crying.

Olympus was always beautiful, but I did catch my breath everytime I walked into it. In total I have been here three times.. And now I will be here forever.
Suddenly I thought of camp half blood.. and Kayla.
"Apollo, I want to go to camp half blood.. I want to get some of my stuff and I want to tell Kayla that I won't be returning to camp half blood," I told him. "She is my best friend.."
"Fine. Do you want to go now?" he asked me.
I nodded and followed him to his red sports car.
Now I finally got to think about being immortal. I did feel different. I felt stronger.. and even-
"I didn't think it were possible that you could look more beautiful," Apollo said looking at me as he started his sun car.
"The joys of being a daughter of Aphrodite," I said laughing but going slightly pink. Every compliment he said to me made me blush. He chuckled and shook his head.
"All of you is beautiful, Sky. You are kind, and you don't judge others. You are brave.. All things that girls envy about you," he chuckled.
"Oh, also the part that I'm dating a God," I added on for him.
"I guess that could be part of it," he added cockily.
I gave him a look and he shrugged his shoulders before driving us over New York. It was getting bright out now. I had been going through this since last night.
We made it to long island just as the sun had risen over the horizon.
"I thought you were the God of the Sun? How come it has risen without you?" I wondered as the sky turned a golden and red colour.
"We're gods. We can be in more than one place at a time," he shrugged. Not wanting to question this further, I looked out as we landed by the lake in camp half blood. It felt odd knowing that I wasn't going to be returning here again.
"I will tell Chiron and Dionysus what has happened. Uh, you can talk to Kayla," he said like he knew I wanted to be alone with her for a little while.
Sighing, we walked separate ways. Kayla was just emerging from the Apollo cabin. It felt strange knowing that she was his daughter and that she was also my best friend here.
Her eyes widened when she saw me. "Skylar! Where in Hades did you go with Apollo last night?" She went pink when she realised how that sounded- so did I. "I mean- uh.."
"We went to Olympus," I said interrupting her just so she didn't have to excuse herself. "We went there because Apollo had a wish-"
"Do I really want to know what that means?" Kayla asked horrified.
"Kay!" I said. "The wish was for me to become immortal so we, Apollo and I, could be together," I finished. I never realised how awkward this must be for her. I mean.. It is her dad after all.
"Y.. You're immortal?" Kayla said gaping at me. "So, I'm guessing my dad and you are definitely a thing now, huh?"
"I guess that is true," I said laughing slightly.
She frowned slightly and sat down on the ground picking at the grass. Confused, I sat next to her. "What is it?" I asked her unsure of why she was acting this way. Well, I could partially understand.. But she always seemed okay with us.
"It is so stupid," she said under her breath. It must of been important to her, so I was willing to hear her out. "I always sort of hoped that he would get back with my mother. I mean, I'm really happy for you and him, but.. I wish I had a whole family. My mother won't love anyone else.. I know she won't."
This news made me feel really bad. I felt guilty. I keep forgetting that they had to accept me now.. I mean, I am apart of Apollo's life now. "I'm sorry," I said quietly to her. She brushed it off.
"So, where is he anyway?" She asked getting off of the ground.
"With Chiron.."
"Would you stay for a final breakfast with us?" Kayla asked me unexpectedly.
"Uh.. Sure," I replied really unsure. Breakfast with the campers.. and Apollo.. and his children How bad could that be?

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