Seek out the huntress (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

This is a story about Skylar Lunasa or Sky for short.
She is a huntress but she's only a teenager- she obviously falls for a boy and shows she is not as loyal to Artemis as she thought she was.

Warning: This story is not going by the books exactly, so please don't lose patience or correct me. You've been warned before hand. :)

Chapter 25

The Pain of it all!

I felt as though Zeus had expected us to arrive. Sitting on his thrown, larger than an average person, he showed no emotions on his face as Apollo brought me through the two large doors. His eyes rested on me for a second- probably deciding if I were tolerable or not. I'm guessing I was as his eyes tore from me and to Apollo.
"You seek a wish," Zeus stated to Apollo. If I were in Apollo's place I would have been nervous and scared as those cold eyes looked at me in uncertainty. Why were they so uncertain? Did Zeus also believe like Aphrodite had that Apollo didn't truly love me?
"I do," Apollo replied looking straight back into his father's eyes. For father and son, they did not look anything alike. I was guessing that it was a gods thing.
"And your mother..?" Zeus asked addressing me. "Did she comply?"
"Yes, she did," I replied. My voice quivered I was so nervous. His decision decided my whole future. He could say yes and I can stay forever with Apollo.. Or, he could say no and I live a normal mortal, demigod life never forgetting him. Just two opposite words that can make or ruin my life. No pressure.
"Apollo, are you sure this is what you desire- A mistake can result in a harsh punishment as you have seen with Dionysus," Zeus said to him. I was afraid that Zeus would make him rethink his decision of.. me.
"You won't change my mind.. We took the risks," Apollo replied. "She could have died making sure I was left unhurt. Please, I am sure."
Zeus scratched his chin thinking deeply about this decision. It wasn't everyday that a God requested for a mortal to become immortal.
Finally, Zeus seemed to come to a decision. He held out his hand and his master bolt appeared in his hands. I cringed feeling its power enter the room.
"Fine, I shall grant you your wish," Zeus sighed. "Apollo, release her hand," he advised Apollo as he pointed the bolt at me. My eyes widened in shock and Apollo let my hand go.
Zeus muttered something and a bright electric light shot from Zeus' bolt and hit me straight in the stomach. I didn't go flying through the air, but instead I simply collapsed to the ground.
I could sense everything around me as normal except my whole body felt numb. And I couldn't move! I wanted to ask what was going on but a tingling sensation in the tips of my toes and fingers stopped me.
I thought it was feeling coming back into my body, but I was so wrong.
The tingling seemed to be getting.. colder? No! It was the hotness where it's so hot if feels cold and it pains you so much.
I felt that I could move again and started scratching at my skin hoping that the pain would go away.
"Ow!" I couldn't help but say as the pain started to slowly make its way up my feet and hands.
That's when I started to see images.
The first image was of the 'boss' of the home I was in. Her name was Ms Jacobs. She had flaming red hair and cold grey eyes. She had a pointy nose and chin and looked way too skinny.
She was yelling in my image and then she slapped me. I put my hand to my cheek as a sharp pain pierced my face as though she really had just slapped me.
I began to scream as the pain travelled further up my body. It was almost blinding.
That's when the second image appeared.
I had turned down an alley just after my escape from the home.
It was dark and I hadn't seen anyone else in the alley. But I wasn't alone.
In a swift movement, a hand was placed around my mouth and a cold blade was placed at my neck. The man was moving his mouth but I couldn't hear what he was saying- but I remember every word spoken.
Back at the central place my two hands began to scratch at my face- at my eyes. I didn't want to see these images. I began to scream again and two hands grabbed my wrist as I scratched harder at my face wanting the images to stop. I started trashing around trying to escape the grip but it was no use.
"Please! Make it stop!" I cried and begged.
Another image began to form in my mind. And it was the time I first battled a monster. A hellhound. It slashed at my ribs and I felt the pain again as though it was happening now. An arrow pierced its body and I turned to see Zoe Nightshade standing there and looking so focused. She offered me her hand and I gladly took it. She was a great friend to me.
And the scene transformed. Artemis stood before me, the pain of carrying the sky showed on her face. Her eyes looked expressionless and I feared the worse as Zoe was nowhere to be seen. Her lips began to move as she explained about Zoe's death.
Tears streamed down my face as I heard Apollo begin to whisper things. "It's okay," he said as though he was trying to reassure himself.
The next scene was when Apollo saved me.
I felt anger build up inside me.
"Why did you save me?" I screamed as the burning sensation neared my chest where my heart was. "I didn't want you to save me!" I screamed kicking my legs in anger. "Please, kill me!"
And then everything went black as the pain became too much.

My eyes slowly opened and I felt empty.
Every pain I experienced I saw and it made me feel.. hopeless.
Arms were wrapped around me tightly, I think to stop me from struggling and trying to rip my eyes out.
Apollo's chin was resting on my shoulder, his eyes were closed but I wasn't sure he was asleep. He had us leaning up against the headboard on a bed.
"Apollo," I whispered but my voice cracked and I began to cry. Not just sobbing, but really crying. I felt like I would never be happy again even though this is what I wanted to be happy.
I turned and cried into his shoulder and he hugged me tightly, whispering that everything would be okay again.
But I felt so doubtful of that.

Meh.. I wasn't going to continue this.. But I thought of this and I was like: May as well.. Am I losing readers?? :(

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