Seek out the huntress (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

This is a story about Skylar Lunasa or Sky for short.
She is a huntress but she's only a teenager- she obviously falls for a boy and shows she is not as loyal to Artemis as she thought she was.

Warning: This story is not going by the books exactly, so please don't lose patience or correct me. You've been warned before hand. :)

Chapter 2

Hunting is. Okay.

As a hunter we were only granted permission to hunt wild beats which would include any monster that crossed our paths. Of coarse, we had to ask Artemis' permission to kill any monster or creature.
I loved it like this. I was given food, shelter and love from people who were now my family. I loved them too and stayed loyal to the oath. Over the last few months, I have avoided any contact with boys. I wouldn't talk to them, or go near them. So, u considered myself to be a loyal hunter. Or, so I thought I was.

Artemis had us wait in the woods along with her. Just in front of us a boy, whom we all knew to Percious Jackson, son of the sea god, Poseidon. Along with him was a girl with blond hair and wore a blue cap, and another girl who we recognised, Thalia, daughter of Zeus. A young boy about my age, and another girl older again, was with them too. But don't think they were alone. A beast was with them. They were trying hard to rid this beast because it had the girl and the boy.
"Come on ladies, let us help the demigods," she said. We followed Artemis out into the area near a cliff.
Zoe stood forward. She was one of the most loyal hunters I knew. She bent down, her bow and arrow at the ready, aimed at the beast.
"Permission to kill, my lady?" she asked Artemis.
"Not fair!" the beast growled. "Direct interference! It is against ancient laws.
Artemis now stood forward with a dangerous look on her which I only saw when she was hunting. She meant business. "Not so," she told the beast. "I dedicate my whole life to hunting wile beasts. You are a wild beast," she told him. "Zoe, permission granted!"
"If I cannot have these two alive, I shall have them dead!" he ran forward but the blond haired girl was ready for it. She jumped up and stuck her knife into the side of him and while it wailed around she hung on for dear life.
"Fire!" Zoe yelled. I gave her a look. How could we fire when a girl was on him? We would hit the girl.
But my instincts took over and I fired. I got the monticore in the neck to my relief. It staggered backwards and threatened us. We showed no fear to him. Then, he jumped off the edge of the cliff- with the girl still on his back.
We were about to be happy but something- a noise, interrupted us. It was a helicopter that was shooting.
"Mortals aren't allowed to witness the hunt!" Artemis said. She did a hand motion towards the helicopter and it blew up into a million pieces.
Zoe stepped forward and began to examine the group we had just saved. "Four half bloods and a satyr, my lady," she informed Artemis. Artemis looked up as though she had known this already.
"Campers of Chiron," she said.
Percy Jackson began to yell about saving his friend Annabeth.
Artemis turned to Percy. "I'm sorry, Percy Jackson, but your friend is beyond help!" she told him. Percy struggled to his feet as a few other hunters held him down.
He was mad at us. I could sense it straight away. "Who do you think you are!?" he snapped at Artemis. I glared at him. How could you talk to a god that way!? It was.. Unbelievable but expected as he was after all, a godling.
Zoe stepped forwards angrily at him. "No, Zoe. He is distraught," Artemis told her. "I am Artemis," she said. "Goddess of the hunt."

We soon learned that with Percy and Thalia was Nico and Bianca di Angelo. Bianca was confused about everything, but Nico thought it was pretty cool that his mum or dad was an Olympian.
"Sweet, let's go," Nico said as soon as Percy had finished telling him about camp half-blood. But Bianca didn't want this and tried to speak but Zoe interrupted her in mid sentence.
"There is another way," Zoe said gaining Bianca's interest. I realised what Zoe was doing immidiatly and I was guessing so did Thalia and Annabeth.
Artemis asked Bianca to follow her so they could talk. Nick stared confused after them as did a few others.
One of the other hunters blew a whistle and our guardian dogs came from the trees.
I ran over to one I had named Midnight, even though the dog was a silver colour, it reminded me of the moon at midnight. Even though the dogs were trained well, this dog loved attention.
I turned in fright when I heard the crunching of leaves. I turned and saw ye boy, Nico. I instantly glared at him in disgust. He was after all, a boy whom I swore to never have any contact with.
"You're not welcome," I told him angrily. I was still rubbing Midnight who growled at Nico. I allowed her to.
"I- I wanted to see the dogs," he told me. I sighed and let him come over to the dogs. "Do they have names?" he asked me.
"I called her midnight," I simply said. Now that he was here, I got a closer look at him.
He was about my hight and had dark brown hair. His eyes though, caught me off guard. I've seen those eyes. Not long ago either. They reminded me of a god- but surely I was mistaken. He could not be.. It was forbidden. Yet, Thalia and Percy stood before me only moments ago.
"Are you all serious?" he asked me. "About the gods and goddesses?"
"Why would we lie?" I said. "The gods are real. I have met them once only last winter on the shortest day of the year. Trust me, they are very much real."
"Y- you've met them?" he said in awe. I simply nodded trying not to talk too much to him. But I wanted him to ask me more questions. I haven't talked to a boy in a while now, and it was.. Cool? "What was Ze-"
"Be careful with names, boy," I warned him.
"Boy? You don't look much older than me," he say matter of factly. I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Yes, but I've been this age for a while now. A year and half. I'll forever be this age as long as I am loyal to Artemis," I told him.
"You want to- you're immortal?" he said. I nodded. "And how do you become mortal again?"
"If I fail Artemis," I told him, "If I fall for a boy. But that wouldn't matter. She will have me turned into something or even kill me if that happens."

That was absolutely boring! I'll have more up later on. It's another year later, or maybe half a year. I don't know yet. :) Just.. Comment if you want more.

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