Turning the Pages (One Direction Love Triangle)

What if one day you found out that Simon Cowell was your father? How would you take? Well, for Paige it wasn't easy, everyone she loved passed away, all she had was her father who left her and her mother before Paige was even born. Could Niall, from One Direction and one of her father clients, change everything for better?

Chapter 1


I was fourteen years old when my mother died in a car accident. There was a drunk driver driving a pickup truck, my mother was walking home from work because our car was in the shop. The car ran into her pinning her against a tree severing her body in half, but that was two years ago I always try to push that aside and not remember but usually its been hard to forget and keeps coming back. Now I'm sixteen and the only family I had was my grandmother, she now lies on her death bed. The only family I had left, next week I'm suppose to travel across the world and move in with my father that I've never met or spoken to or even know his name . My father left my mother and me before I was born. Left my mother struggling with the rent and keeping food on the table but for some reason my mother had always had a smile on my face and never look at the negative, I'd always admire her for that. Sometimes I wish I could be like my mother. When my mother died, my grandmother wanted me to move with my dad, but I protested. I didn't want to live with someone like him and now I have to. I don't nor will I ever understand why everything bad happens to me, can I ever get a break? I'd give anything to have my mother back, my grandmother or even to take back those hurtful words I said to my mother the day she died.

My mother wouldn't let me hangout with my boyfriend. She was always too over protective, never let me do anything.

"I hate you, you never let me go anywhere", I yelled from the top of the stairs and stomping to my room, slaming the door behind me.

"Don't you raise your voice at me young lady" she yelled back barging right into my room. "I freaking hate you! I wish you werent my mother, I wish you would die!" With a hurtful look in her eye she turned around leaving for work early. Four hours later I got a call from the police saying my mother had go into a car accident and didn't make it. Tears escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks.

My grandmother really wanted me to go with my father and thought I'd be better off with him, she was real good friends with him, so then why didn't I know anything of this stranger? My grandmother would always tell me storys of my mother and father, how they met, when they had me and how excited my father was. The problem? My mother was only nineteen and my father was thirty-six, according to my grandmother no one really approved of them but her. Thats when my father left, he couldn't handle the pressure, personally I think he's a wimp for leaving, I do get birthday card here and there with more then a hundred dollars in them.

I was next to throw my flower in my grandmothers casket, I didn't realize it was my turn, my uncle had to nudge me, "Sorry.."

I walked up to it "For you", I don't really remember much of that day or week really it went all by too fast. Next thing I know was my social worker, Nancy, was coming by and picking me up for the next plane out to England. Nancy told me a little bit of Simon, my father well at least I was on step one. He owns house all over the states including the U.K. According to her he was a rich billionaire which made me more mad, that he couldn't give one penny to help my mom.

We landed, which made me nerves what if he doesn't like me? Wait, what am I saying? Why should I try to impress or make friends with him? Right now Simon is my number one enemy, well really my only enemy. The taxi pulled up to his house, well mansion really. It was huge maybe bigger then the white house.

"Ready?" Nancy asked.

"Kinda" I said sheepishly.

"Don't worry he'll love you" she said. Half of me really wanted him to love me and accept me as family and the other half really hated him for everything and blamed him for everything.

But still I gave a heartless smile and got my things, which wasn't very much. As I started to walk towards the house my feet felt like they were getting trap in quick sand with every step I took. It took a while to get to the door just as Nancy was going to knock, someone answered the door. I looked up to see the one and only Simon Cowell. I couldn't believe my eyes, my mouth just flew right open.

He laughed and asked, "How was the flight? Good I hope?"

"Bumpy and jet-leg but everything seems right Paige?" Nancy said, I still couldn't believe this, was this really happening? She nudged me.

"Uh ya what she said" Was all I could mange out.

"Well, can I get a huge or what?" He laughed, before I could respond he pulled me into a hug. When he let go Nancy held up papers.

"Ah! Yes the paper work shall we go inside? Karen the house keep can help you settle in and show you to your room" Simon walked inside, we both followed him inside.

It was such a beautiful house, Karen took my bags and I offered her help but she wouldn't let me. I followed her to my room which was three times bigger then my last one at my grandma's house. "All this for me?" I asked waiting for me to wake up. She just nodded

Once I was done with all that I walked downstairs, to where Nancy and my new dad Simon were. I wasn't sure to either call him dad or Simon? When I just got to where they were, Simon was just signing the last of the papers.

"There!" He smiled proudly, he seemed nothing like he was on t.v. Well, from what I could see.

"All right Simon, Thank you but would you mind giving me and Paige a moment?" Nancy asked Simon. "Not a problem I'll just go get ready we have a long day ahead of us." He said all exciting.

Nancy and I walked out to the taxi that was waiting for her to take her to the airport. "Now listen Paige, here's my card" she handed me a card, "feel free to call me anytime, if anything happens, I'll come as soon as I can, I'll come back next month and check up. After that I'll only make once a month check ups." She paused "I hope everything really does work out for you two, he really is exited to have you back in his life." She gave me once last hug, then she got in the taxi and that was the last I saw of her, well until her check ups.

I walked back inside to see a nicely dressed Simon.

"Well, Paige, have you heard of a little show called the XFactor? Today is the top three final and I need to head out now, I have a stylist there waiting for us, her name is Lou Teasdale, she help you dress and you'll be able to meet some of the people I work with" he paused "Help you feel more at home"


Well, guys I hope you liked the first chapter please comment, rate and fan :) I fan back. But please leave some feedback and the boys will be in the next chapter, Also thank you XxOpenWoundsxX for the amazing cover art :)

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