For Everyone That Knows flag118 (Please read. It would mean a lot.)

For Everyone That Knows flag118 (Please read. It would mean a lot.)

Thank you for reading this!

Chapter 1

This is important!

Thank you for your kind attention!
I have asked you to read this because our friend, Cara (flag118), doesn't feel like she has many good qualities about herself. Her insecurity was a disappointing shock that I didn't want to continue. So I went to her advice column and wrote her a message about what I should do about her insecurity. But I didn't tell her that I was talking about her.
Here is the link to her answer. It also includes the message I wrote her:

So I am taking the advice she gave me and doing whatever I can to prove that she is a wonderful person with amazing qualities.
But I need a little help for this one. All you need to do is leave a comment below and saying something great (and honest) about her that you truly feel. If you do not know her that well then try talking to her for a bit before commenting on this. She is really worth your time!

Thank you to everyone that does participate in this.


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