Victorious Beauty - A Deidara love story

Victorious Beauty - A Deidara love story

I'm writting this in a notepad at home it's actually going well. And yes it's a deidara love story, so shoot me! This was kinda hard to write, I mean, it's kinda hard to write a love story with the Akatsuki all mushy XD Any way the first chapter is just gonna be a profile of the main character. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Katsumi Inemi

by: xKiraxs
Name: Katsumi Inemi.
Meaning: Victorious Beauty. (name of title XD)
Age: 19
Villiage: Used to live in the villiage hidden in the leaves
Rank: Was a jounin at ninja academy, then became an ANBU, now is a S-rank criminal.
Personality: Quick to anger (as always XD) Can be violent, friendly, determined.
Appearence: Purple hair in a high ponytail, bangs covering forehead, Black eyes, Black shirt, black leggings, black boots, white hoodie.
Dream: To be respected.
Hope you enjoy the story!!

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