A Fish Out Of Water

A Fish Out Of Water

Join Brooklyn Taylor on her adventures (and love life) under the sea.

Chapter 1


Swim practice. The only time I could let go and be me. When I wasn't swimming I was a fish out of water. Literally. At the age of 6 I was banned from the ocean sea. Why? I cant recall. But a day without water is a day without sun. Water was my life source. I knew the day I turned 18 I could swim into the ocean. The only problem was I didn't know my birth date. The doctors assume I was born somewhere around march. Making me a Pisces. Ironic. Not really. Every day id wait by the ocean to see if a wave dragged me to sea. It never did. And I was starting to think it never would. As I dressed in my tight swim suit I was beginning to get anxious. As usual the coach prepped us for the workout but today she pulled me aside.
"Brooklyn. We wanted you to come to state" my coach said. State!? That was major especially for anyone on this team. California was big and they only accepted the best at state.
"Of course!" I said. She patted me on the shoulder and nodded.
"Good." I tossed my long blond hair in a ponytail and stuck it in my swim cap. As I dipped my feet in testing the water I got a tingly feeling in my feet. Shrugging it off I jumped in. I was under water. Helpless. The water was constricting me and I couldn't breathe. I felt a tug on my arm and was dragged onto the pool deck.
"Brooklyn! Brooklyn! Are you okay?" They were yelling. The only problem was I couldn't respond. Eventually I coughed up the excess water and was on my feet. They sent me home early but I didn't go straight home. Something was up and my best chance at figuring it out was going to the beach. I tucked my bag in my arm and took a few steps in the water until I was knee deep. My light white dress blew in the soft ocean breeze. The tingling was back. And so was a wave. Before I could run the wave sweeped me into her. I seen everything from my bag pour out into the sea and I was being dragged down to the bottom. A sharp pain in my legs began to take place. It was utterly painful I tried to scream out but I couldn't. I tried to breath I couldn't. I was about to die. I could feel it. I didn't even get my fins.
I opened my eyes thinking I was in a hospitol bed. Wrong. I was in the soft sand of the ocean floor surrounded by curious looking fish. I seen my bag casually floating along the bottom I tried to stand to get it but fell. I looked down to see what had happened and was pleasantly surprised to see a dark blue fin moving in the current. My blue eyes as wide as my mouth I stroked it. It was smooth and scaly but not at all slimy as I thought it would have been. I vaguely remembered as a young child swimming with my mom. except my fin was smaller and more of a baby blue then. I realized I hadn't taken a breath. I breathed in and out. It was easy. As easy as humans breathing on land. I pushed myself from the sea floor and began to swim. Swooping up my brown bag and swimming to who knows where. Maybe ill find someone like me to help me guide me to Atlantis. But for now Id just have to keep swimming.

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