Bows and Knives (A Hawkeye Love story)

So I am a huge comic book geek. I’ve read about Hawkeye and the Avengers since I was a kid. Ever since the Avenger came out more and more people have begun to share my love for Clint Barton!! So here is one of my Hawkeye Love stories.

Please enjoy and comment!!!!


Chapter 1

The shadow hunter

Her boots hit the sidewalk without a sound as Angela Jane Scarlett walked towards the rendezvous point that was her employer had sent her in the file of information for her next assassination. Walking into a dinky little shop, the bell jingling with her entrance, AJ walked to the counter and admired the daggers on display. A man walked towards her.

“Saviez-vous que ceux-ci étaient la disparition trop d'hommes?” Did you know that these were the demise too many men? asked the man.

“Et je serai le prochain,” And I will be their next.

“Welcome madam,” sneered the man, “follow me. Your employer awaits.”

Following without a word AJ silently stepped in time with the man. Not even hearing a breath escaped her the man had to keep checking behind him to see if she still followed. In his mind he examined her, a girl of mere 19, looking so defenseless, was the assassin that his boss had hired? Impossible, not a weapon could be seen on her person. Not a sound came from her mouth, or even the lightest foot fall. She was like a shadow.

Arriving at a door, AJ examined her surroundings, she was, in what seemed like, a back room full of the shops inventory. Strange knick-knacks collected over time and dust leaving a thin coat above all. Walking into the small rickety room, AJ didn’t even think to lower her defences.

She looked at the man in the business suit in front of her. He sat behind a wooden desk that looked as if it would fall apart at any moment.

The man within the room began,“Ah. Lovely, the famous Shadow Hunter. Must I say I admire your work mam’ very impressive fo-.”

“Let’s cut to the chase,?” AJ said cutting him off.

“Ahhhh. Just as I was told, you are one to get the job done. Correct? That’s why I hired you. I must that was quite a task though, finding and getting a hold of you is very difficult. Being a solo assassin I have no idea how you get so many jobs. But no the less you are here.You have trained with the best and, at the moment, you are the most employed assassin in all of Europe, Asia, and Australia,” said the man, with a thick French accent.

This man sure is a kiss-up, AJ thought. Studying him in mere seconds she knew how he worked, Slightly dilated eyes and puffy fingers, but rings on each one. He owns a bar, that’s why his eyes look like. A con-artist, trying to get rid of a threat. That’s why I‘m here. The rings; must gamble and plays the game right. There’s a small crack and light pink tinge on his left index ring. He fights doesn’t play fair. But he’s kissing up, he likes to have all the cards in his hands. Not while I’m here!

“Now I read the terms of agreement, do want to dispose of the body or shall I? And I take half the payment now, the other half after the job is done,” AJ said calmly.

“Leave the body. Unscathed though. We want to make it look as if he died of his mere heart. The man’s already the walking dead,” laughed her employer. He got up and walked towards her. Running a hand down her cheek, “You know if you want to, you can get more than a payment right now,” he whispered against her neck, his lips grazing it.

“I suggest you keep this professional, monsieur, if not..well let’s not go there,” hissed AJ.

“Now the famous Shadow Hunter, must like to have a little fun once in awhile? I mean most of your employers must do you say it...not as appealing as I.”

Pulling the glasses off her face and squeezing the sides a small poisonous dagger was produced in mere seconds. AJ had it at the man’s throat.

“I told you not to do it,” chided AJ, “ you think others haven’t tried this before you? Ha! Now where’s my payment?”

“O-o-on the table,” her employer stuttered, fear in his eyes.
“Good. Now this is going to hurt, but don’t worry you’ll wake up later. You just won’t remember a thing about the past five minutes,” she said plunging the dagger deep into his throat and pulling it out. Without a drip of blood spewing out his neck or staining the blade. Gathering her pre-payment and walking out the door without a glance back.

Walking out of the shop and slipping her shades back on her dove into the crowd as she went in for the kill. Whenever Angela got a new “assignment” she immediately searched for them. Being an assassin wasn’t her only talent, she was a hacker and weapons designer and specialist. She kept tabs on anyone and everyone. If you ever took a single breath on this earth, she could find you. Knowing that her target was in town she had found out where he was staying and his schedule.

Spotting him with a group of men in black she scanned the roofs of the buildings above. There wasn’t a soul to see her. Stepping in time with her prey she walked in the shadows as they turned into an alley. Their polished shoes clicking on the pavement, AJ’s not making a whisper. Pulling out her smallest dagger, no larger than half her pinky, AJ twisted the hilt in one swift motion and threw it right at her targets jugular.

Hitting her tager (she never misses) continued to walk in sync with them until the whole blade buried itself in his neck and dissolved, not leaving even a scar. He passed out, gripping his chest. The men around him glanced around, looking for the assassin. They looked right at AJ, but concluded that it was just their “shadow”.


Counting off the bills that sat in front of her, AJ nodded to her employer. Without another word AJ left the room with her payment. Darting out of the shop and merging into the mass of people, not a single soul there know that an assassin was amongst them. In a flash AJ was nothing put another person you would see on the streets and pass by without a glance, but knowing better than that AJ was cautious. She could feel the eyes of another on her back, but as quickly as she felt it the feeling passed as if her observer just took a glance. Shaking it off her mind AJ left for her next appointment.

Arriving in a dark room with a pile of cash and a manila envelope AJ took them without futher more instruction. This was an assignment where her employer didn’t have any special request, just: kill the target. These type of employments could only mean one thing,

it was another assassin.

If someone pulled AJ into finding another assassin that meant it was bad. Most people know not to request the assassination of another assassin unless matters are terrible, but to call Anglea only meant that this assassin was the best of the best. This was going to be one of the most deadly assignments she had ever taken..

There’s the first chapter!!! I hope you liked it. I will try to update as much as I can (as well as my Glee and Starkid stories)

~ Jane


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