ABC and more about me repost

This is a repost that looked i took it

Chapter 1

ABCs and more

by: mls13
A-avaliable: umm..i have a boyfriend but we are spending time apart cause i needed time to think

B-birthday: March 23

C-crushing on: Thats a confusing subject

D-drink you last had: tea

E-easiest person to talk to: Best Friend

F-fave song:Dont have a favorite really,It would be too hard to choose.

G-gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears!!!

H-hometown: Dallas,Tx

I-in love with someone: Maybe

K-killed someone: Never

L-longest car ride: Idk

M-milkshake flavor: Chocolate

N-number of siblings: 3 sisters

O-one wish: figure my life out

P-person that called you last: Boyfriend

R-reason to smile: I have amazing friends

S-song you last sung: Falling for you

T-time you woke up: 9:45AM

U-uniqness: Idk

V-vegtables: they are ok

W-worst habit: people say i say like alot

X-x rays you have had: A bunch of x rays on my right arm witch i broke when i was 5

Y-Years living where you live: Idk, but my parents are talking about moving

Z-zodic sign: Aries

Random questions:

What color do you wear the most: Blue i think maybe red
Least favorite color: Pink
What are you listening to: Music
Whats your favorite class in school: Art
When do you start back at school: sometime late in august
Favorite pair of shoes:Converse
Can you dance: Someone taught me just reasently
Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: yeah
Can you whistle: Yep


Do you believe in miracles: Depends
Do you believe in magic: no
Love at first sight: is bullsh!t
Do u believe in santa: no
Do you like rollercoasters: Yeah
Have you ever been on a plane:no
Have you ever asked someone out:Yeah
Have you ever been asked out by someone: Yeah
Have you ever been to the ocean:Yep
Temperature outside:Really hot
Radio station you listen to: any one that is playing good music
Last thing you bought: bathing suit or jeans
Last TV show you watched: Jersey Shore
Who was the last person you took a picture of: yesterday i was taking group pics with people
Ever cried your heart out:Yeah
Ever cried on a friends shoulder:no
Cried over the opposite gender: Yeah
Cry when you get an injury: Depends
Do songs make you cry: Some of them
Are you a happy person:Depends on the day
Current hair color: light brown
What are you wearing:Blue tank top and white shorts/it is really hot outside
Braclets: alot
Eye color: light green
Short or long hair: . Long.
Height: 5"4
weight: 105


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