Dress and Tie [A Brian Holden One-Shot]

For my dear friend, Maria.
I do hope you like it, I'm very quite terrible at these things and where to place the lyrics.

Chapter 1


Every night I walked the streets
Never dreaming what could happen

"What now?!" Penelope Tupow shouted, at no one in particular. Her car had just broke down on a Chicago highway, on a vacation, and she had no idea where she was. And it was night time.
"You know what car?" She placed both hands on her hips. "First you run out of fuel when I'm going to a birthday party. Then you tell me that my tire pressure's low- but it's not!"
She walked closer to it, then kicked it hard repeatedly.
"Now when my tire pressure is low YOU DON'T EVEN TELL ME!"

She was always making jokes. She didn't know if she should laugh at herself yelling at her car or not.
"Look where we are now, car." Penelope stopped kicking it to stare at it. "We're dead now! And it's all. Your.-"
"That was a beautiful show you've just put on."
Penelope stopped at the unexpected voice. Slowly, she turned around to find a man, probably a few years older then her, watching her. She blinked hard then, with hardly any emotion, she said,
"It's an effed up car, stranger."

"My name's Brian," he said, taking his hands out of his pockets. "It's nicer then 'stranger', but call me what you want." He paused slightly. "I can take you somewhere if you-"
"You could?" She had a sudden burst of hope. Looking at her car, Penelope said, "This car is shiit. I'm not getting anywhere. Do you think you could take me to my hotel?"
"'Course!" Brian said, smiling and walking up to her. He looked at one of her back left tires. "It didn't warn you, I see."
"I told you, Brian." She smiled and looked over at him. "It's an effed up car."
He smiled back at her and clapped her on the back. "You new here?"
"Yeah...," she muttered, slightly embarrassed.
"Well!" He said, putting a arm around her shoulders and leading her to his car.
"Welcome to Chicago!"

Sad and so lonely, I saw in the mirror my reflection
Staring back at me. I thought, will I ever find what I need?

Getting into his car, Penelope introduced herself. "Tupow. Penelope Tupow." She glanced over at him in the driver seat. "Always shaken; never stirred!"
He shook his head and laughed. "Nice name. It's different." He looked over at her and held out his hand. "Brian Holden, your humanitarian-actor-friend-savior."
She took his hand and shook it. He started to drive, and she stared straight, absentmindedly playing with her hair.
"God, it's refreshing to find someone nice around here."
"People have been rude?" He sounded concerned, looking over at the hazel eyed damsel.
"No," she said. "But I assumed that everyone wouldn't be so nice around here."
He let out a small laugh. "Where you from?"
"New Yowrk," she said, adding an accent for amusement. "I'm going to guess that you're from here?"
"No shiit, Sherlock," he said. "Don't see you walking around with a pipe in your mouth."

That sent her into a fit of giggles, which made him laugh as well.
"I haven't met someone who laughs so much." Brian looked over at her.
"It's just exhilarating to find someone who will laugh with me," Penelope said. He nodded in understanding and said, "No one appreciates your humor?"
She pulled the sun visor down to look at herself in the mirror on the other side. "They think I'm annoying."
The way her eyes faltered, her lips turned into a small frown, made him immediately feel bad.
"I know what you mean," he said quietly. "I have loads of friends, and they laugh with me, but... I guess my sense of humor is dry." He sighed and glanced back over at her, where she was again playing with her hair.
"That's very unfortunate." Penelope looked over at him, then softly said, "I think you're funny."

At that moment, he realized that he was driving aimlessly, not knowing where her hotel was.

She picked up pretty quickly.
"It's the The Hampton Inn. Luckily I've already checked in and unpacked."
He made a noise of disproval. "Not the best place to stay, but alright." He turned right then asked, "So, what brings you here to the city of bliss?"
"I'm on vacation," Penelope said, looking out the window. She really liked the Brian guy beside her, and it made her wonder if she'll ever see him again.
"I thought most people went to beaches. Not Chicago," Brian said, taking another quick glance at her.
"I wanted to go somewhere... different."

When they arrived at her hotel, they sat in silence for a few moments. Then Penelope quickly asked, "Would you like to come up?"
"Sure," he said, smiling at her.

Oh my hearts been tried time and again,
I always thought that it was it was me, but...

Penelope grabbed her hotel key from her pocket and put it through the slot.
"It's not much," she said, opening the door. "But it's 'home'."
Brian smirked after her. "Do I sense a Harry Potter reference?"
She turned around with a large grin. "Harry Potter is my life!" Then she frowned.
"I do hope you like it, and don't want to make fun of it."
He laughed, like it was a joke. "Please, miss, I've helped a musical about it."
Penelope turned on her heel and demanded, "Where. Can. I. Watch. It."
"Youtube!" He said, smiling. "Who knew, right?"
She laughed and rolled her eyes. "I must watch it."
"We only uploaded it a few weeks ago," Brian said, looking around. "It doesn't have many views. I made it with some college friends."
"Ahh." She turned back around from her kitchen counter and said, "You can sit down, if you'd like." Then went back to her counter.

He took a seat in her small living area. She called from the kitchen, "Well, I'll be sure to watch it, Brian."
"Thanks!" He called back, then looked back to the living room.
He liked this stranger. She was sweet, kind... he loved the way her eyes lit up when someone talked.
Maybe she'd want to....
But who would want to have dinner with him? Brian Holden, a nobody in his eyes. Sure, he'd gotten a few girls, but it never lasted past three dates.
Maybe she's different. She seems different. Maybe I will ask her. He started to chuckle. MAYBE, MAYBE, MAYBE.

In the kitchen, Penelope was busy making coffee for herself and Brian. After placing the filter and coffee in her machine, she called out to Brian, "What do you take in your coffee, if you'd like some?"
"Uh, two sugars and a cream, please!"
"Got it, my man!" She called back, then went to grab two cups.
Brian was beautiful, there was no doubt of it. He was handsome, and an actor, and he even liked Harry Potter!
But he didn't like her. She was sure of it.
Why would such a perfect human being like me?
She started to think of all of the past relationships. None of them ever worked out. She felt lonely and often times sad when she was around guys, but with Brian....
Maybe he does like you. She nodded to herself.
Maybe he'll even ask you on a date by the end of the night! She went to her refrigerator and got the creams.
Maybe I'll have to slip some Amortentia in his drink....
Of course she was joking, and she laughed at herself.
Maybe maybe maybe!

Now I see just how wrong I was. No I haven't known you for a lifetime
But somehow I've never been more sure that you're for me

After they were done with their cups, and getting done knowing each other more, Brian stood up. His stomach was twisting in nervousness.
"So, Penelope...," he trailed off then started back up. "It was lovely meeting you. You're brilliant."
"Why thank you, Brian," she said, standing up herself. "Thank you for driving me. I'll never forget you.
Let's hope not, they both thought.
"It's no problem," Brian said, smiling.
Here I go....
"Would you mind having me take you to the best bar in town?" He asked it with confidence but his heart was racing.
Penelope's eyes brightened, which Brian just loved.
"Sure!" She said, jumping up and down. "But only...,"
She walked up to him. Earlier she made a comment on his tie, and now she tugged it. "if you wear this tie."
He smiled at her cliche. He remembered a turquoise dress he'd seen in her closet while looking at her Dumbledore's Army wand collection.
"I'll wear the tie," he said. "But only if you wear that dress."
"The turquoise-?" She started, but he cut her off with a nod.
"Hell yes, Brian Holden. I'll gladly go with you. Next Friday at 6."

I'll wear that dress if you wear that tie,
and we'll just dance through the night,
'cause no one's got what we've got going.

They'd been at The Bar 21 for a while, having some beers and laughs. Until, that is, 'Come on Eileen' came on overhead.
There was a small area in the middle of this old-fashioned bar where couples would dance. Brian readjusted his tie and said, "Why not?" with his hand offered out.
Penelope, not a big dancer herself, blushed.
"But Brian- I can't dance!"
"Neither can I, unless it's choreographed," he laughed. She reluctantly took his hand and they both went towards the cleared out space.
"We'll slow dance fastly," he said, placing his hands on her hips. She tied hers around his neck and together they started spinning wildly fast.
Penelope tried hard, but laughed as the song was almost ending. Brian was laughing too, and slowly slowed them down.
"Was that so bad?" Brian asked, head tilted slightly.
"It was you, Brian," she said, still laughing. "'Course it was!"
He laughed with her and as she calmed down, she looked up at him. Her eyes were wide, but only because she was looking at this handsome beast infront of her.
"Brian Holden." Her voice was soft.
"Penelope Tupow." His tone matched hers.

And together they clashed, in a burst of stamina, lips formed together perfectly.
Both of them were thrilled when they were able to meet each others enthusiasm. As they pulled away, Brian laughed breathlessly.
"Penelope Tupow," he said quietly.
"Brian Holden," she whispered.
And together they agreed.
"That was amazing."

And we'll dance through the night
Tonighhhhhhhhtttttt! :D
Hope you enjoyed it! :)


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