Forever- a Draco Malfoy love story

This is my first story!!! For all you draco lovers out there... Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

Meet me

by: LokiLover
I'm 17, I’m stunning and beautiful and I don’t take it for granted.
I’ve been asked out a million times, but I turn them all down. They just like me for my face, not for me.
I’m a half blood, like a lot of people. My Dad was a muggle, and my mother was a witch. I never met my father, and lived with my mother for most of my life. She died last year. Some say that I'm a veela, but I look just like my mom.
I’m alone though, so I decided to leave and go to Hogwarts. A place for a new beginning. To make friends and maybe have a family, though I kinda just hate people.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention. My name is Selena Grace, pleased to make your acquaintance.

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