Chuch Norris Jokes: Naruto Style!

Chuch Norris Jokes: Naruto Style!

This story used to be on fanfiction, however I had to remove it because it wasn't really a "story" per say. I put this on quibblo before, but somehow it got deleted...

Chapter 1

Chuck this out XD

1. On contrary to popular belief, Chuck Norris did have a son; Kakashi's father.

2. Chuck Norris trained Lee for five minutes; this is why he was wearing bandages.

3. If Chuck Norris was the one who killed the Uchiha clan, Sasuke wouldn't try and avenge them; he's not that stupid.

4. It was said that the First Hokage was the only one able to control the tailed beasts; however this is incorrect, Chuck Norris can as well.

5. He could also control the First Hokage.

6. There is a hidden village that no one knows about. It is the Hidden Epic Village in the Land of Pwn and its Hokage is Chuck Norris.

7. When Neji says that you can't go against fate, he is referring to Chuck Norris.

8. Chuck Norris once had a battle with Madara Uchiha; this is the reason he wears a mask.

9. Chuck Norris peeked on Tsunade once at the hot springs...all he had to do was sign an autograph.

10. Naruto has a poster of Chuck Norris on his wall; however this was edited out because the picture was too epic for viewers.

11. Sakura once tried punching Chuck Norris, the sheer force of his awesomeness caused Sakura to end up in the Hidden Rain Village.

12. Chuck Norris doesn't need to use chakra; he uses pure epicness.

13. Chuck Norris round-house kicked the side of a mountain; this is the mountain with all the previous Hokages faces on it.

14. It was said that someone once possessed the Rinnegan before Nagato did, a strong shinobi who used his power during a time of war; this was none other than Chuck Norris.

15. Chuck Norris has seen under Kakashi's mask.

16. Supposedly the Byakugan can see everything, but it can't see Chuck Norris.

17. The reason Shino wears shades is because he has to shield his eyes from the pure awesomeness that is Chuck Norris.

18. There was once a battle between Gaara and Chuck Norris which resorted in an explosion so epic that Lee came out looking like Brad Pitt.

19. Shikamaru once challenge Chuck Norris to a game of shogi and won; however he was no match for him at kick-boxing.

And last, but not least
20. Chuck Norris is so epic, even Naruto doesn't believe it.

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