Friends Please Read

Chapter 3


Hahaha I'm still getting Friend Requests and I don't really understand why but ok...

Um well it seems a lot of you have this idea that you have to talk to me when that isn't what I meant at all. I mean if you wanna talk that's cool, I guess, just know it will be a bit awkward since I'm really crappy when it comes to socializing but I promise to try my best and put effort into the conversation.

Any who...what I meant by previous chapters was that there's gotta be some kind of communication or something that shows that our "friendship" isn't pointless number space being taken up.

For instance I read/comment on your things or you read/comment on my things.

It doesn't mean you gotta read everything I have or post, just whatever interests you. That's what I do to your guys posts. If it interests me I'll read and most likely comment or at least rate it. Other than that I don't bother with it.

But if we don't read or take each others posts then why the hell are we friends?

There's actually quite a few of you who I wonder that about. We have nothing in common or interests but yet here we are wasting each others friends space.

If you're one of these ppl and know we don't even bother with each other than go ahead a push that delete button. I won't be mad. In fact I'll be grateful that we don't have to be pissed off at each other for not reading each others posts.

So to those of you who keep apologizing for not talking to me. Don't even worry about it. I'm not gonna get butthurt over that. But what does get at me is the fact that the number of reads on my stories and posts don't even come near to how many friends I have.

All I want is just at least one genuine comment on something of mine. And I am NOT talking about those bullshit half assed comments that are like Oh it's great I love it =) etc... I want an actual critique and it doesn't even have to be one that is nice. I want real true comments not those kiss ass comments that most seem to love writing. I want your actual feelings or thoughts on things. Hell even telling me your favorite or least favorite part is better than It's great =)

...Just one genuine comment on one of my that too much to ask for?

I mean I have so many things to comment on. Fanfics, Original Stories, quizzes. Seriously there's like a whole bunch of random crap from ranting to embarrassing stories or information about me to reposts all in one convenient place which is here: that you can comment on.

I just want something that SHOWS you're actually looking/reading something of mine. That we're friends for a reason.

I at least make an effort to read almost everything that gets sent to me and may not comment on everything, but I at least comment on one thing that interests me. If I don't comment on something most likely I have no interest in it, thumbs up a comment that already said what I wanted to say or I just don't have something nice to say and keeps it to myself.

So please just show some kind of sign that lets me know there's a point to all of this. That's all I ask...

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