Friends Please Read

Chapter 2


Weird. I'm still getting friend requests o.O

Ok so um I feel a little bad because I came off a bit bitchy but the thing is I didn't mean for that. I just didn't want to sugar coat anything and I was super tired and lazy to change the tone of it.

So I will apologize for the bitchy tone but other than that it is what it is.

Oh and the reasons behind believing most of the ppl added me for the hell of it is because believe it or not but I've read ALL of your guys about me things. ALL OF THEM.

I like to read those before I add ppl to get a feel for who I'm adding. Even though I think many added me for the hell of it, I give them the benefit of the doubt and still accept seeing whether or not they'll actually be "friends" but most of the time I'm left disappointed =/

But anywayz...

Thanks to those of you who added me because they actually wanted to get to know me or for whatever reason besides "just because" I really do appreciate it.

But like I said in the previous chapter, I'll keep everyone on for a month or so before cleaning out my friends list.

You know what's kind of sad? Only a few of my old friends commented on this. The rest are all of the new ppl -.- so things are looking good already for some of you. Much appreciation dudettes/dudes.

Well good bye for now. Have a wonderful morning, noon or night~

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