Friends Please Read

Chapter 1

Featured Member

Hello Old and New friends.

I was recently featured member as some of you noticed and although it's like a super honor to be featured member I felt like a person who was trying to hide their birthday and everyone found out about it and kept wishing me a happy birthday, so in any case weird and awkward.

I'm not used to being the center of attention and in fact really hate being it. What makes it worst is the fact that I was actually thinking about cleaning out my friends list since so many have deleted and so many of you don't even talk to me, read/take my stories or quizzes and I don't take yours so our "friendship" is pointless and I rather not have a bunch of useless "numbers" on my friends list.

So since being featured member I had about three pages of friend requests, I know that might not seem much to many but it is for me, which I accepted...for now.

I believe only about 5 or less of those ppl added me because of being interested in me or my quizzes/stories while the rest just added me for the hell of it.

I was told having more friends would be great because I'll get more reads but the reality is, I rather have ppl who will actually read my things chapter after chapter, quiz after quiz than those who take a gander at it then never look at it again. I rather have friends who don't necessarily talk to me but actually comment on my things than those who are wasting my friends list space because I obviously don't give a damn about numbers. is my proposition.

I will keep everyone on for about a month or so which gives me time to see who is actually worth keeping on the list and who I'm deleting so it will be fair for those of you I've accepted today. So after that it's good bye to probably more than half of you.

Please do not beg me to keep you on because there is no point persuading me if you haven't read/taken anything of mine or if I haven't even taken anything of yours. All I can say is that those of you who have taken things of mine and commented, showing that you've actually read them, are safe. That goes also for ppl who I friended because I'm reading their stories and quizzes. You'll know who you are since I comment on pretty much everything.

Well that's all I've got to say on the matter so have a good morning, noon, evening and day. Thanks for all of you who congratulated me and thanks to all of the new friends.

If you wanna know more about me just read my Random Thoughts, Opinions and Rants There's a couple of chapters in there that have information about me.

Thank you and good night on my end~

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