Shut Up, Now - A Slighty Different Marauder's Story

:D please tell me if I should continue....I've found a new love in the Marauders!

Chapter 1

Did You Just Say You Loved Me?

Name Sabrina -Bree- -Wingy- Berd
Age 14, 4th year Gyffindor
Physical Description Naturally long beet red hair color, dark brown eyes. Slim, dragon fly belly-button ring. Little on the tall side, cupid's arrow lips. Two small diamond microdermal hip piercings. Normal skin, unusually broad shoulders.
Personality May come off as dumb, but she's a secret genius. Adventurous, stubborn, impatient, easily irritated, loyal, secretive; if someone implies or suggests something, she'll be the first to over-think and skip to the worst of conclusions. Acts before thinking. Creepy to some people, somewhat conceided, highlarious to others, vain, easily-attached, emotional. Weird.
About Bree and Family Pure blooded 'blood traitor' family. One younger brother named Clark. Mondo-tight with the Potter family, she and James have known each other since they've been toddling. Had a crush on James 3rd year, Sirius told me that he always sorta liked me, and we ended up dating. Best friend is probably Remus, then Lily. Bree is an animagus, an owl. Her marauder name is Wingy. Yes, I'm a Marauder. Nerd/Hipster/Trouble-Maker/Swagger-ish? The Blacks&Berds are like sworn rivals. Except for Sirius(of course) Patronus is a Dragonfly.


"James!" I jump onto the back of the boy I haven't seen in basically 3 months.
"Oh Merlin! Bree!" He sajd and held up my legs with his hands.
"You caught me!" I tease in mock-shock. His eyes gave that "Obviously??" look.
"Well, of course I have!" He yells in 'shock', "Who else would've? Padfoot?" He asks as if it's a huge joke.
"Maybe..." He glares a skeptical and somewhat evil glare towards Sirius, who just got his suitcase and was exiting the muggle vehicle they decided to take.
"Ooh, Prongs; what's got your-"
"Hi Padfoot!" cutting his off before he can muster a dirty word. He smirks.
"Wingy!!" There was a reason he was smirking, and I knew it very well. I owled him and James about how I wanted to get my piercings, and James absolutely hated the idea. He said it would make my transformation(human=owl) way harder and the sparkly stuff would totally mess with Remus. Then he went on and about how boy's would stare at them, which means they would be staring at me, but his protective boyfriend attitude never made it hard to go one on adventures with the marauders)
I owled Sirius and went ahead with it anyways. My mum took me to a muggle place where he gave me microdermals, because they wouldn't reject and leave me with ugly scars. James exchanges looks back and forth between us.
"Why are you guys-"
"Yup time to get down." I quickly change the subject trying to climb off but he won't let me.
"You can't get off." I rolled my eyes.
"And why not?" He smirked.
"You have to tell me what you and Padfoot were smirking about."
"James it was nothing don't be stupid." He rolled his eyes. I sighed, knowing there was no way out of this.
"Or else you're going down." I smirked.
"Down where?" Sirius started laughing to himself like a creep of nature.
"James' pants.." He croaked. James shot him a look and started to laugh a lil.
"Let me get off, then I'll tell you."
"PADFOOT!" He hollared uncontrollably.
"Don't give in!" James started fake crying, ran over to Sirius and grabbed his collar.
"Please brother; please! Who is it? Is it that handsome Weasley?" Sirius broke into laughter, but James slapped him across the face. "Paddy! This is serious issue! She's hyperventilate cheating on me, hyperventilate isn't she?!" He turned to me oh-so-dramatically pointed why. "Aren't you??" I'm laughing too hard to even reply at his foolish accusations.
"Oh my Merlin, Sirius. It's Moony, isn't it?" Seems like Sirius couldn't reply for the same reasons.
"Wait, no. It can't be Merlin. There's only one culprit..." Sirius calms himself from his laughter.
"Who? Hey, you might guess right this time, Prongsy!"
"Padfoot!" I yell.
"Yes, Wingy?"
"Shut up."
"Ok Wingy." He says with a childish smile on his face like a 5 year old.

"YOU!" James accuses, pointing at Padfoot, wiping away the fake tears in his eyes. Padfoot puts his hands up in defeat.
"I'm sorry you had to find out that way." James' eyes easily go from fake to real anger. Like a lightning bolt of hate hit him right in the face.
"Mate don't joke about that stuff. Not funny." He says seriously.
"What?" I yell with your eyes bulging out in confusion, "WHAT?!" he grins.
"Just kidding." I wave my arm at him and stand at th edge of the cliff-thingy and look down below me. James runs over and spins me around by my shoulders.
"You would never cheat on me. You love me too much." Smirking like it's nobody's business, he puckers for a kiss but I put my finger on it, "
"You obviously don't know me well enough." I tease, which makes Sirius snicker. I said feeling too sweet and cushy. That's the first time I've admitted to it. James' reply came off cheeky and flirty until you realized what he said.
"You think I don't know the girl I love well enough to know she loves me too much to deceive me?" My eyes widen inside.
"Wait are you aware of what you just said?" He thinks back and opens his mouth in a little "o" when he recalls what he said.
His solution?

Push me.
Off the cliff.
Into the water.

"JAMES!" I scream at him as I fall, feeling rage bubble inside of me, but at the same time a cute, hearty feeling, "You Fraken--" I couldn't finish because of the sudden pain of hitting the freezing water on my back.
The second I get up there, there will be hell to pay.

A/N: Did you guys like it? Please comment whether you think I should continue or not! Also, I'm looking for a name....suggestions? :) love you guys!

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