Last Night (Harry Styles Love Story)

Yeah takes place in UK. So bob's your uncle.
1D is [[NOT]] famous in this story!

Chapter 1

First Date....?

"Aye, Mel. You hungry?"
I snapped my attention back to Rose, my friend since primary school. We were walking down the sidewalk instead of being cooped up in our tiny little flat.
"Eh, yeah I guess I'm a wee bit peckish, why?"
"Cause I am abso-bloody-lutely starving, one of me chaps works just up the road and he can give us free food if we use the back door" Rose stated proudly with a sharp grin.
I smiled "Sounds good to me, I'm dying for some chips"
"Well lovey, let's go!"

We walked down the road towards the pub Rose's friend worked out. The weather was slightly cold, but still comfortable. It took us about 10 minutes to get there; we reached the back door which was placed in a desolate alley; Rose knocked twice, but nothing.
"Rosie, hurry, this place is giving me the creeps."
"I already knocked babe, maybe their just busy, don't worry he'll come" Rose knocked again, still nothing. We waited another 5 minutes until I got frustrated.
"Ugh. Let me do it" I said about to pound on the door when it blasted open pushing me on the ground, I felt a heavy weight fall on me as well as the pub door slammed shut.
When I looked up their were about 4 boys looking at me, and one on top of me with a head full of curly locks, Rose standing, looking to me with concern.
" Blimey! You gonna get off me ya wanker?" I said pushing on the guy.
The four guys around us laughed.
"Oooh, Harry! She called you a wanker!"
"You alright babe?" Rose said grabbing my hand, pulling me up.
"Yeah I'm fine, but my bum hurts" I said with a little pout.

I turned around a little pissed to see the guy with curly hair eyeing me. Him and his buddies staring back at me and Rose, it was like a western stand-off.
The one guy with jet black hair spoke, "What are you fine ladies doing around here?"
Rose quickly spoke up, I could tell she was interested in him just by the look she was giving him, full of lust. I huffed a laugh.
"Were just out doing bit's n bobs. About to get some food actually until your mate tackled my friend!"
"It was an accident! And we never caught your names by the way. I'm Harry. This is Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis." He said pointing out each individual chap.
Rose smiled, "I'm Rose and this is Melanie. Nice to meet you guys"
"Well its kinda packed in there" The guy named Louis said pointing back to the pub, "It'll take forever for you just to place your order"
I sighed "Well that sucks, I'm starving!"
Liam spoke, "Aye, let Harry make it up to you, He was just about to head to Murray's tavern for a bite to eat"
The guys giggled and Harry's cheeks turned a flush of pink.
"I guess, sounds good" I replied with a shrug.
"Just ditching me for a guy you just met?" Rose asked.
I turned at her, then back to the Zayn fellow, "Why don't you come with us Zayn, so Rose won't be alone.."
I turned back to Rose who gave me a quick little thumbs up, I knew she fancied him.
He quickly piped up with a 'sure'.
Louis, Liam, and Niall waved and left; leaving the four of us alone in the alley.
Harry smiled "We'll let's get a move on" Harry and I stepped into pace with Zayn and Rose behind us.

"So again, Sorry for bumping into you, it was an accident" Harry said with a slight stutter
I laughed, "It's fine, Im sorry too, for calling you a wanker and all..."
He laughed, "All is forgiven. Plus if I wouldn't have bumped into you like that I may not have met you, well maybe I would have, but-"
"You know for a cute guy you talk a lot" I said cutting him off.
He stopped talking and smiled, "You think I'm cute?"
I smiled back at him, "Well yeah, You've got that whole head of curly hair" I replied placing my fingers on through curls.
We both laughed, "You're very cute as well"
I could feel my cheeks heat up "Thanks"
"You're cute when you blush too" I smiled my cheeks still ablaze.
The night grew darker as did the temperature, we arrived at the Murray's tavern to find it closed.
"Well that's a bummer" Rose said.
"Yeah, we could hang out at my place..?" Zayn whispered to her.
I saw that spark of lust in Rose's eyes again "Sure."
She came over to me and gave me a quick hug "Babe, I'm going to Zayn's. You alright with it just being you and Harry?"
"Yeah, We'll be fine, you have fun you little slag" I whispered to her, we both laughed and then she and Zayn started to walk into the opposite direction of me a Harry.

"Guess it's just us" Harry said
Me & Harry walked around and just talked for what seemed like hours, and I found out what a funny, sweet, and charming guy he really was.
It was getting late and Harry decided to walk me back to my flat.

"This was real nice" I said stopping outside my door.
"Yeah it was, we should do it again" Harry said stuffing his hands in his pocket.
I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote my mobile number, "Give me a ring yeah?"
He smiled "Of course" He replied shoving the paper in his coat pocket.
"Well cheerio" I said giving him a hug.
"Cheerio, love" He said walking away. I walked into the flat to notice Rose still wasn't back, I took off my coat when I heard a knock on the door.
I went to open it and there was Harry again, "Sorry, Melanie but I've been wanting to do this since after you called me a wanker"
I laughed and Harry smiled, he looked over me and then stepped inside, I found myself not caring that a person I didn't know before today walking into my house, I could truthfully say I knew Harry wouldn't do anything to harm me.
He grabbed my shoulder and slide his other arm down near my lower back.
He moved in and kissed me with sudden intensity, I ran my hands up his chest to his neck. His lips were chapped, and yet still soft.


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