The Day The Darkness Came (An Original Group Story)

Imagine a world where even a slither of sunlight touching your skin meant instant death, a world where heartless gangs of broken survivors patrolled the streets after dark, picking off anyone gullible enough to stray into their path. Where Feral dogs, wolves, bears run rampant in the street and all remaining food is guarded by ruthless killers.
This is the world that four normal teenagers have been plunged into.
This is the world of the future.

Chapter 1


by: Skyling

Name: Marina Tika
Age: 17
Appearance: light brown hair, usually plaited over her left shoulder, light brown eyes, kind of tall, not big but not small (weight), lightly tanned skin
Personality: likes to be alone but when shes around people she gets along with them greatly.
Gang/Group/Loner: Just her at the start.
Brief Back Story: Growing up it was her, her mother and little sister. She liked it that way when the plague hit and her mother died instantly her and her sister, Andae, managed to escape to a nearby sewer but the first night they were there they went up and got split up, her sister got killed by one of the gangs.
Other: she is grieving over the loss of her sister and um but keeps pushing on, she knows that they would want her to survive. She really doesnt want to be alone


Name: Stella Bowen
Age: 16
Appearance: Long straight red hair, slim, regular height, big blue eyes, pale, freckles across her nose and cheeks
Personality: Quiet, resourceful, took self-defense classes before the plague, gets embarresed easily, is kind but mostly looks out for herself but gets attached to people easily
Gang/Group/Loner: Goes from group to group or gang, whichever suits her current situation the best, but doesn't betray others
Brief Back Story: The plague was like a gift, because it killed her abusive parents, but she had her little sister to take care of. But one day after the 1st month, her sister went out into the light and died instantly. Now Stella has trust issues, but can't help but get attached to those who offer or need help.


Name: Layla Anderson
Age: 19
Appearance: 5'9, slim/slender, Hazel Green Eyes, Brunette Wavy Hair, Dark Skin Tone
Personality: Brave, Strong, Smart, Quiet, A Girl Of Few Words
Gang/Group/Loner: Loner, She came from a huge family, but they all died from the Plague, except her little sister that she now takes care of, so, when she goes out at night she has to try to get food for two instead of one.


Name: Dominic Messer
Age: 17
Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan skin, not overly handsome, medium build, 5'11",
Personality: Can be either; Cold, Manipulative, Nasty, Aggressive, or; Friendly, Brave, Caring, Gentle, depending on what mood and situation he's in.
Gang/Group/Loner: Was in a Gang until he had a disagreement with the leader, and is now a Loner... Until he meets the other Characters.
Brief Back Story: Family and friends were all killed on the first day of the Plague. He was underground in Juvi Lock-Up for assaulting a police officers when it happened. Managed to escape the next night, and found out what had happened from a gang. He's now living alone in the Tunnels under the city.

The Sun's Coming Up, Don't Let It Touch You... :)

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