Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Dying to tell you (A one direction love story)

Main character's name: Courtney Flow
Age: 17
Appearance: Medium height, hazelnut couloured eyes, long silky brown light hair and skinny
Personality: Funny, Unique, Loud, Talkitive, Kind Hearted, Energetic and very helpful!
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Courtney has a cavoodle named Lucinda, Lucinda is smart, cute and very friendly to all Courtney's friends and loves to play.

Chapter 1

Seeing you

Courtney's POV
"Lucinda, breakfast time!" I called as I called while getting beakfast ready, Today was a exciting day because my besties named Sapphire, Mackenzie and Naomi are coming over to stay with me and Lucinda for 4 weeks, The thing is I live at London now and I used to live at America where all my friends were that's why I'm so pumped. When me and Lucinda finished breakfast I went to get dressed in my blue flowy top, black high waist shorts and a nice creamy see through cardigan, when I got dressed I went and stood right next to the door, Lucinda sat next to me.

Five minutes later


"Coming!" "Hi, I'm Liam" "Hey, I'm Courtney can I help you with anything?" "Well I'm looking for room 6E" "Oh, that would be 2 levels up from here" "Thanks....Would you like to go out sometime around" "Sure, How about Saturday 8 o'clock?" "It's a date, bye" "bye".

Omg! I can't believe what just happened, I have to tell my besties........
...... "Hey, come in I miss you girls so much, I'll go get Lunch ready" I said, Sapphire, Mackenzie and Naomi were sitting on the couch playing with Lucinda they say she's really smart and cute.

I went to get the food for lunch, I made pasta for them because they all love pasta when I brang the pasta out they all stood up and they walked to the dining room where I put the pasta, I went to get the plates and forks then walked back to the dining table, we all sat down and started eating.

When we finished eating we went to my room and talked about how our life has been, when it was my turn I told them about the guy that i met this morning there was a lot of ohhhhhs, awwwwwws and oh la las.

Lucinda comes in my room and starts jumping joyfully and excitement because she's really happy for me Lucinda is the dog you want she's really really smart, she's like a best friend.

They were happy for me because this was 2nd time I'm going to date but my first one didn't work out and it was a year ago, I hope this time It will be the guy i always dreamt of..............

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